terça-feira, 8 de janeiro de 2013

Life´s Advice - Inner Weights and Trauma

Good morning!
Woke up rather early, here.
My chosen topic for today is about weight.

As in, emotional weight caused by trauma,
 Significant events and/or fear.

The advice I leave to follow from this day on is to Change and Let Go.
By personal experience, I was stuck in this certain time of my life
Seventeen and eighteen years old, to be exact.

I didn't know what I exactly holding onto, to be honest.
Was it the trauma? pain? addiction? bitterness?
lack of forgiveness? nostalgy? sorrow?

1. The first step is to recognize that a problem exists. 
If you feel that you are heavy hearted by any reason above;
It is time to act and react towards what is leaving you
in that state of either apathy or deep pain.

The weight is there... 
- When it holds you back from being yourself. 

- When it stops you from doing what you used to, 

- Taking along with one or many things that you used to enjoy 

- Whenever you procrastinate.  

- Whenever you let go either by disbelief, 

- Either by guilt...sorrow...sadness... 

What could have happened, 
What could have been, 
What would have been, What could be done. 

It may seem little, but all together carry serious consequences.
By letting go all of that,
You shall feel less heavy on that matter.

And fear? It only is a monster if you allow it to become so.
And it becomes a monster when you you give importance to it
Whenever you drink it, like a poison Whenever you carry it, as heavy luggage.
So please, let go... I shall be here to assist you.

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