segunda-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2013

Life´s Advice - Psychotherapy and Tools

Good evening, everyone !

I have been asked, even more than just once if I have knowledge
And/or if I am connected to Psychology.
I shall leave that for other people to evaluate.

But then, when time passes
The answer will be left at open.

I have learnt much while studying during my course
And mostly, thanks to life itself.
It can bring many,many lessons along,
IF we are willing to learn.

It is a long process
And I am going to be completly honest :
There will be times of joy, there will be sadness and frustration.
There will be tears, there will be times of exhaustion
And when you stop and look behind, you will realize
" I have achieved so much, I have changed ! "

It will be worth it and it is.
Psycotherapy was a really valuable tool and taught me many things
And still does. It is helpful because:

A) It boosts your self confidence.

B) Helps you with expressing your feelings towards someone else.
Note : Again, it will take take time .
Maybe you will feel and create empathy towards your psychologist at the first time,
Or later or even with someone else, later on.

C) Psychotherapy is where you can talk about what is troubling you
There, you can about just nothing, anything, everything.
However, if you feel like holding back, maybe you haven't created that bond
That empathy with the professional yet. It will require time, trust me.
Amongst four professionals I created a strong therapeutical bond with the first and last one.
When that happens you will feel like nothing is too difficult to tell.

It might be difficult to start if you think that that person is a stranger.
Think of it like this " I AM HERE ONLY TO GET BETTER "
And this one person IS going to HELP 
A special and unique human being : ME (YOU) "

D) Helps your thoughts...
Often, whilst a person is depressed or stressed
He or she may have difficulty in organizing his/her thoughts
And its organization.

Therapy CAN and will help you stablish goals
Then priorities, then time to do so.
As in a "TO DO LIST"

What do I / Aim for and wish ? 
When can I do ? When will it be?

Note : 
What - Objectives.
When - Stablishes time to accomplish and/or complete those tasks.
(When...) Will it be? - an expression which is clearly set for the future.

Another step :
First we can start off by writing down our personal goals
The ones that come to head and mind at the very start
Then others, and so on...
Afterwards you shall divide everything in two lists

Personal Goals and Professional Goals
And, yet opcional, you can also create another blank paper sheet
By the name of Dreams and Aspirations.
We all deserve so and should dream.
May those be a flame and a MOTIVATION
for you to always, always keep you head high
and have a constant motivation.

My motivation is connected to what I have achieved
Along with waking up alive every morning
Having health and keeping in mind that my work
And/or course will take me somewhere, will be useful
Or even, that I shall gain anything with them.

So, after reading this , what is your motivation?

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God bless*

sexta-feira, 25 de janeiro de 2013

Self Injury - Being Clean

Good afternoon.
How are you??
I have been clean for quite some time.
Months, I have been cut free.
With success, I am free

Over 8 months, maybe, just to have a glimpse of time.
I hope you are okay and that if it is your case,
That you find your pathway to recovery.

I shall be here and help you if you need so , too.

My testimony is out there... 
Read it if it can be of help.
Self Injury can be a result of Depression condition,
Or even,
A condition itself which camuflages other problems happening
with the person who is suffering :

For example,

As a result of family issues, bullying, relationship problems, eating disorders.
It can be linked or hand to hand to any of those,
As a way of copying or even, punishing oneself.
It is estimated that many have hurt themselves

Thousands, maybe millions of people, in certain points
Of their lifes.

Where to find help? 
Info and Support 
Sugestions are welcome,

You can contact us anytime as well at Contact us. 

What is SI / SH ? Self Injury and Self Harm
The document on awareness : SI Awareness

Advice : Butterfly Project , SI 
Let that butterfly live :)

terça-feira, 22 de janeiro de 2013

World - Animal Cruelty

Good afternoon, everyone.
I was to write, some time ago, this post.

However, I thought about learning and study more about
This subject at hand, which some may disagree, about.

But we need to be aware and look around us.
Do you have a pet? (for example a guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, ...)
Look into its eyes. 
What can you see? What could you see? What could you read?
Could you ever hurt him/her or harm her?

If your answer was "no", then please think twice.
Many animals are hurt, harmed and even killed in animal testings

Starting of by them being closed being bars.
Some go through almost hell and are submitted to severe conditions.
(I shall spare the readers or followers from images as they are quite shocking...
However, I posted some videos below which can and might be shocking
As well, so, again , viewers discretion is adviced.

SO I ASK : Do they deserve this?

PETA stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

I shall leave a video about PETA's work in the Year of 2012.
Eventhough I am not physically present, I deeply respect, support and admire
the work and cause of this Association.

So... here it is PETA's work in the Year of 2012 :

And below, there is a second video about "60 seconds...Farming Factory"
Found in this article : PETA Archive - Why are these people crying


Please think about them too...
(In another post I shall approach the Cosmetic Industry
And other Brands on this matter).

NOTE : I do respect whether people eat or not meat.
It is their choice, their lifestype, their options, overall.
Yet we have to STOP! the unnecessary violence and cruelty
That exists and that is happening at slaughterhouses.
After all, animals cannot communicate the same way as we can
Nor defend themselves.

So someone out there must do so for them.
Please spread the word, if you can.

Official Website of PETA is .

NOTE : I shall write more about this subject in other posts.

Peace be with you...

sexta-feira, 18 de janeiro de 2013

Social - Being Underestimated

Good evening fellow readers,
The subject for today is about
Being Underestimated .

It is a very important subject on which I felt the urge of writing about...
As some persons might have been or are experiencing this in their lives (at certain point).

Let NO ONE ever take your dignity away
Nor put in cause your value.

And even if you get/are stuck by any comment
I know and I am sure that none of those is made out of truth
But instead, made out of either envy , jealousy or from persons
That want no good for you. Hear nothing of that.

"No weapon formed against me shall prosper" 
(DMX - Lord, Give me a Sign)

-- I heard this lyrics of a song, yet it is a useful quote
In this situation. Do not allow anyone to bring you down.

Instead, keep focusing of your goals :
Surprise them, amaze them with your abilities...

I remember when I was bullied in highschool...
I wasn't as good as my classmates in Physical Education Classes.
I started to write as a coping method.

Then I learned my strongest subjects : Language (PT) and English.
While I was made fun about in one part,
I shall say that I surprised my classmates
When I was able to get good grades on the two subjects I was keen on.

If I made it through School, you can make it through as well.
It can be applied to other areas of life, for example any type of relationship.

Bottom line is :
Do not allow anyone to bring you down
In any circunstances...

And even if you feel down or weaker,
Please pick up your weapons and remain fighting.
Reveal the warrior in you

Because you are stronger than you can imagine.
You are a wonderful human being...

Anything that happens
Hold onto us.
Bring me your troubles and insecurities
and I shall do the best to help.

We shall never underestimate
Because we know your value! 
Take care.

terça-feira, 15 de janeiro de 2013

Life´s Advice - Gratitude

A blessed weekend to everyone out there!
Being Grateful.
I chose this topic
As it is a subject very related to me

And , personally,
I believe we may go through this
At a certain in our lives,

We either learn or not to be grateful 
We either choose or not to practice 
Gratitude In OUR lives. 

Practicing gratitude in... 
Each and everytime you breathe a gasp of air... 

Each time you wake up in the morning, 

Each time you are alive, 

Each time you have health (even if it is a little bit) 

To carry through the day, 

Each time you have food on the table, 

Each time you have a place to sleep, 

Each time you have someone to love, 

(Whether is a family member, your better half or good friends) 

So... Practice Gratitude, as many times as you can,
Every day and even when you feel upset or sad.
It is not about what you wish to have or about what you want to have and don't have

It is about what you already have 
Even the slightest, most simple things 
Blessed be*

sexta-feira, 11 de janeiro de 2013

World - Spent Game

Good afternoon , dearest readers.

During common holidays, I took some time to read and see many interesting articles

And also, think about my own experiences a bit now and then.

I saw this game called "Spent",

Which reflects the reality of (maybe) several families in America.

The chalenge for today is getting through the month.

It is meant to create awareness regarding Poverty and Unemployement.

Can you do it?

terça-feira, 8 de janeiro de 2013

Life´s Advice - Inner Weights and Trauma

Good morning!
Woke up rather early, here.
My chosen topic for today is about weight.

As in, emotional weight caused by trauma,
 Significant events and/or fear.

The advice I leave to follow from this day on is to Change and Let Go.
By personal experience, I was stuck in this certain time of my life
Seventeen and eighteen years old, to be exact.

I didn't know what I exactly holding onto, to be honest.
Was it the trauma? pain? addiction? bitterness?
lack of forgiveness? nostalgy? sorrow?

1. The first step is to recognize that a problem exists. 
If you feel that you are heavy hearted by any reason above;
It is time to act and react towards what is leaving you
in that state of either apathy or deep pain.

The weight is there... 
- When it holds you back from being yourself. 

- When it stops you from doing what you used to, 

- Taking along with one or many things that you used to enjoy 

- Whenever you procrastinate.  

- Whenever you let go either by disbelief, 

- Either by guilt...sorrow...sadness... 

What could have happened, 
What could have been, 
What would have been, What could be done. 

It may seem little, but all together carry serious consequences.
By letting go all of that,
You shall feel less heavy on that matter.

And fear? It only is a monster if you allow it to become so.
And it becomes a monster when you you give importance to it
Whenever you drink it, like a poison Whenever you carry it, as heavy luggage.
So please, let go... I shall be here to assist you.

sexta-feira, 4 de janeiro de 2013

Prayer - Awakening

Awaken, child.
We need your voice.
Mother Earth is suffering. your eyes.
Believe NO more lies.

(I thought of nothing
My mind just let go, all the words came along...)

We are paying the price for our ultimate and present actions
We are hurting ourselves, our brothers, our ancesters.
Unite. Rise. Peacefully, each and one, awaken.
The Heart. The Mind. The Spirit.

Who will we follow or feed?
Our Guiding Angels or Our Inner Demons?

From scratch and very beginning, we are (bright) lights
You have the ability to change and help the ones around you.
Yet many come along to persuade you and make you doubt
Manipulating your thoughts and purpose.
Darkness, that is.

But, my beloveds, you are light from the start.
You can choose, turn things around.
You matter. Always did, and always do.
You are light, from the start.

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