quarta-feira, 12 de junho de 2013

Message to the READERS

Dearest readers,

I have been thinking through and Life Blog may change its location.
I will never forget that in 2010, it all started here.
That doesn't mean that this Blogger account is going to be deleted, necessarily,
But instead a new account might be open on Wordpress and/or Twitter.

I am also willing to connect the accounts with eachother so it all becomes practical.
There are still plenty of ideas on the table and hopefully, with time, 
They will be acomplished and revealed to you.

We aim to bring fresh and helpful content to you.

Wishing you all best, 





terça-feira, 4 de junho de 2013

Life´s Advice - Declutter

Good afternoon everyone ;

As I had posts planned for this month already I left this one for later on
However , today (5/5) I have made a decision
(Not that I am very deorganized, but usually my papers are a mess in my room)

And, since I am going to start having tests and I am also going to start working
Might as well start having everything organized and in order.
It is somewhat related to the post «Less is More».

[...] To be honest I had started some weeks ago this
On and off , I mean.
I study, then arrive by the end of the afternoon home 
and usually write and rest or stay with the family, by now.

After writing out all the useful contacts on my email account
(Health, Courses, Services, Professional and Personal Contacts)
I started to get rid of the papers.

My main motivation is the thought of being able to find everything
Quickly and efectivelly.
Along with this first motivation there is another one :
A bit connected to the first one :

If I am able to find things easily, 
I can save more time for myself and others
And I definately wish to simplify my life on this matter.

I have my course's lessons in an USB Key
Yet I also have papers, exercises and worksheets from it
I decided that the one's that I am no longer having class
That have ended, I am going to write out in documents and save them.

I also spared some time to clean the dust in my room
(Well...some neighbours are with their house under repair/maintenance
So dust is very frequent on this building) and get rid of more papers.

It will take time for everything to be completely finished
I still have to organize financial and school papers and other random stuff
But I am confident that sooner or later I will have everything done.
Bottom line is : It will pay off.

domingo, 2 de junho de 2013

Social - Celebrating Friendship

Good evening, everyone.

The weekend is almost ending here
but before going to have dinner, I was wondering...

« Why not write something for the readers? »
My thoughts exactly...and my mind went back to this last friday.
It was amazing.
(And I am only considering the POSITIVE and GOOD stuff!)

POV : 
In spite of any problems or anything bothering me,
I am staying strong for all the rest
and specially for the people I LOVE and for what I believe.

I am never, ever going to give away 
my values and dignity as a person.
I am just stading up for myself.

[...] This Friday was just the case.
I went to work, done what was scheduled
And I was surprised to see that special person,
the Love of my life talking with me.

My colleague witnessed and said I looked like a different person
And that my face lit up.
Some good stuff happened to her too, so she said to me :
« Lets celebrate ! »

« Well : Lets celebrate what? 
« I don't know... something ! You're happy... Our Friendship!
« Sounds great ! Let's go! » 

It seemed great. And it was.
Work was done for the day
And we went off to have a sundae.
We talked a lot, laughed and had a great time.

What I wished to share ...
That any day can be a day or the day to celebrate

God bless you all.

sábado, 1 de junho de 2013

Life Asks - Yves Rocher Tests?

Good afternoon,

From our series...
An email was sent to a Cosmetic Company called Yves Rocher.
I was curious to know if this brand in particular tests its products in animals...
North America Yves Rocher was the one I wrote carefully to.

I received a first email to let me know that the email was successfully sent... :


We have successfully received your e-mail. We are currently processing your request. You will be receiving a detailed e-mail shortly from our product expert.

We thank you for your patience and understanding.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Department at our toll-free number: 1-800-321-3434 or by email at customer.services@yrnet.com. Our representatives are available from Monday to Friday from 8am to 11:30pm and Saturday from 8am to 8pm (Eastern standard time).

We thank you for your interest in Yves Rocher products.

Best Regards,

Lorna Lorenzi
Customer Service 
Yves Rocher North America

Beauty Shop On line: http://www.yvesrocherusa.com

In an effort to offer you the most current shopping opportunities, we may contact you by email with news about Yves Rocher products, service, and events. You will only receive these emails if you have subscribed to receive them or if you have placed an order from our website. If you do not wish to receive these E-mails, please contact us at customer_services@yrnet.com or simply unsubscribe through the links included in any E-mails received by you from Yves Rocher.

Aproximately one day later in my Inbox:

Dear Sir/Madam,

We were very interested in your question concerning our position on using animals in testing beauty products and thank you for your enquiry. We hope we can enlighten and reassure you on this matter.

The Yves Rocher Brand entered the fight against using animals in testing beauty products at a very early stage.  The Brand suggested as early on as 1989 to replace the tests on animals for finished products with alternative methods. Yves Rocher encouraged other important players in the economy to follow suit. In 1992, the S.P.A. (Society for the protection of animals) awarded us the gold medal for our action towards animals. Our commitments enable us to work with One Voice which is the reference in France for the fight against animal suffering along with the protection of the environment. The One voice Label which recognizes products not tested on animals has been awarded to all our organically certified products. You can find the complete list of our labeled products on the One Voice site which is in the process of labeling the totality of our references: http://label.one-voice.fr/liste_produits/

In line with our commitment we openly admit that:
-              We never use or encourage animal testing whether it concerns our finished products or their ingredients.
-              We encourage research programs on alternative methods to testing on animals in order to promote and encourage their widespread use.  Our research for example, is concentrated on new methods for measuring allergies in vitro for natural ingredients.
-              Our Internal charter for the ingredients in our products is extremely strict: we refuse to use any raw materials of animal origin (except honey and bee’s wax). For example, we refuse to use a pigment frequently found in eyeshadows called cochineal coming from an insect with the same name which produces carmine acid to protect it from its predators and is used as a scarlet dye.
-              We refuse to develop plant extracts for our products which require testing on animals to ensure their safety. For example, last year we abandoned the development of an exclusive active which had been the subject of many years of research in our laboratories but required testing on animals in order to further its development.  As a result Yves Rocher chose to forego years of research and remain faithful to its commitments. 
-              We refuse to acquire raw materials from suppliers who have tested them on animals exclusively for beauty care products.

Yves Rocher sells certain products in China and we can assure you that they have not been tested on animals and never will be.
However, the Chinese authorities can decide, on their own, to test beauty products themselves before allowing them to be sold in their country.
Yves Rocher is present in China. Rather than avoiding the problem, the Brand has chosen to use its presence locally, to maintain contact with the Chinese authorities concerned.  Its objective is to make them aware of the problem of animal suffering and convince them of the reliability of alternative methods available on the market.
The situation in China is complex and open discussion is necessary to bring about change. It is an ongoing combat which we regret might take time to resolve in this traditional country.

Yves Rocher, Creator of Botanical Beauty, has been committed to the protection of Nature and Sustainable Development for more than 50 years.

We hope that this information has answered all your questions and we are at your disposal if you have any more concerns.

Marie-Michèle Plourde
Customer Service

I am still yearning to have knowledge 
and also to let you know their values and their mission.
We all deserve to have an honest answer.

God bless.

quinta-feira, 30 de maio de 2013

Relationships - Years.

Good afternoon...

I was able to rest for at least a couple of hours.
Double post, which is not the regular basis but I wish to make it up to you 
In case there is a time I leave the blog less active.

Today is an important day...
For us, me and (I also believe) you.

It has been two years since our first kiss, since we started dating
I remember it as it was yesterday.
That beautiful place with the perfect company.

It has been two years, with times of joy, hurt, laughter and much love.
Two years of many to come, if your heart desires the same as me.
Two years loving and living with and for someone else
Wanting nothing else that his happiness.

POV : 
I was and am not the kind of person
to wish anything else different than a love for life.
Short term relationships are not meant for me.
I wished someone for life, to hold closely, look after and love much.
And also to feel the same back, for me.

At that time, I was not expecting to meet you.
We began as friends. I was not looking for love.
Time passed and we were trusting more and more in eachother.
Going out for a walk or coffee, laughting much, speaking a lot on the phone
(We could speak for hours about random things , everything and nothing
And even talk about serious subjects)

I fell in love with that handsome young man.
He loved me back, but I was scared if he didn't love me back...
We had already a solid friendship and I didn't want to lose it,
In case he didn't felt the same.

One day, the 29th, we asked eachother, something like this on msn :
« Do you like LIKE someone? »
(I hesitated but said) « Yes... »

Then I said « You. »
I logged off but left other of my accounts open.
Then he told me that he had something to tell me.
That he loved me back.

I was really shy at the time but I felt the happiest and luckiest person in the World!
I still do, after all these days, months and years shared.
I do not know what will the future bring for us.
Only GOD know and time will tell.

I shall be waiting and want you to know that you made me... 
A better person than I used to be
A stronger human being, for always believing in me
A beautiful man who saw me and loved me for being just...ME.

Hopefully I can bring and give you as much or more 
Than you gave to me.
WordsKeeper, this is for you.
Thank you... I love you  !

Social - Friendships and Bullying POV

Good evening , dearest.

Today I had a massive headache and cold in the morning,
so I am convinced that I have to slow down, overall.

Giving a time to rest.
I think they were leftovers from the yesterday :
I was already not feeling good at work (headaches) and I was stressed up.
Those combined led to a breakdown, I suppose.  [28/5]

POV : 
As some might know, Life Blog started as my own journal and therapy.
Afterwards I believe (still do)
that I have much to say, teach and speak out
to the public or anyone willing to read me.

[...] Since I have started studying
I have been through highs and lows, as it is usual.
However, I have been facing some gossiping and comments from colleagues.
A situation from fifteen days ago and it was not that much of a big deal...
But it was not forgotten along with other events...

Answer to SELF : 
Yes, those gossips affected me.
The next question is : Until when ??

POV : 
I have been fragile lately but I manage to make it through the day ,
Work combined to the course along with the lack of time for resting , etc
I believe I am proud of my acchievements, because my «older self»
would just give up and give in (waving a white flag)

Instead of NOW always keeping up and pushing forward, «new self».
I admit that today I was almost to the point of wanting to cry.
But I had to keep moving and I went to my appointment.

On therapy I was reminded of the progress that I made
Since I have started until now. The psychologist is proud
and I smiled.

But she told me one thing in particular that really made me wonder ...
« I know you went through a lot, , I really know.
But they do not know that. »

« You have two options :
Back away and ignore or confront and face the consequences. »

[...] «This is not bullying from high school coming back»
These words... it was like she was really reading my mind.
« It is not coming back ».
« Bullying is not coming back ».

It reassured me, it conforted me during this time of need
And I feel that to get along and to create empathy
with the psychologist/doctor/counselor is key.

About friendships...we do not need a lot of friends
Just people that are there during the good and bad times

Answer : It is not coming back and I am not going to give in.
I have personal and professional goals and nothing is going
To keep me away from them.

Many blessings !

segunda-feira, 27 de maio de 2013

Relationships - A Time.

Good afternoon,

Opinions divide in this point.
Some say it is somewhat hand to hand with breaking up.

In my point of view, I disagree
However, it is not always that way.
It does not mean exactly that.
Sometimes, people need a bit of space for themselves.
One that needs to think about the relationship
Or other that needs to analise himself or herself.

Again, in my opinion,
Any relationship can be sucessful
As long as love exists
And the couple is willing to work things out.
I think such is possible.
I do believe in relationships
And personally I do give my best for my better half.

I also believe, at heart, that by being honest, sincere
And by communicating your own thoughts and feelings
That any problems or issues can and will be solved quickly.

I absolutely trust that, if the person is not ending the relation
That there still is hope and there is still a spark and feelings.
I believe in love and I believe in the relationship that I am in
Always fighting for it, the best I can.

It is good to analise yourself and gain Independence
In order to not suffocate your partner with demandings
He/She ought to have his/her own circle of friends
and occupations.

It is healthy to be a little time apart
Then while coming back together you can talk again
And sort out your diferences and conclusions.

Time can be useful for that.

"Never Forget your partner, your better half
Give him/her space, yet let him/her
Know that you are there unconditionally".
It all can be fixed.
I have faith in so.
So have faith, too.

Blessings ;

sexta-feira, 24 de maio de 2013

Suicide - Second Chance

Good afternoon everyone,

Warning ! : This particular post may be triggering,
Eventhough that is not my intention, at all.

[...] Sleepiness. A strong effort from the heart--- followed by fast and slow heart beatings,
I felt drowsy and I went to sleep right away.

I took an impulsive action, sure to say that it was the worst to take in my life
and I was clearly not acting consciously and with clear thoughts...

I must highlight that.

[...] I woke up, but I was still feeling sleepy,
Coming slowly to conciouness  

It is a true story.
It carries no glamour or whatsoever.

[...] Only after some hours I felt better.
But this history...is a real story and my fate could have been different.
Life gave me a second chance, BUT I could have died!

Then I think :
My family. My friends.
People who stood up for me and love me the way I am.
They aren't perfect but neither am I.

What I really want to tell you
and wish for you to take as a lesson is this :

" Never take your Life for granted, 
Nor take it too lightly because it can slip away ". 

" Do not hurt yourself. 
You have value and I am sure that you are treasured! ".

How do I know this?
I just know it, at heart.
Negative situations will pass. Taking your life won't, it is permanent.

It would be a wound for all your loved ones, a permanent one because you are not replacable, ever.

Take this plead to heart.
Listen to it, throughly
And pass it to others,
In hope of letting people know of this harsh truth.

We need to save them.
And I want to save YOU.

quarta-feira, 22 de maio de 2013

Social - Decisions and POV's

Good afternoon,

This has been a rather interesting journey...!

We all have to make them at certain point or points in our lives.

From little and insignificant ones such as
"Which color clothing am I going to pick out to wear today?" 

Or "Should I get fish or meat for dinner"?

...Up to life changing decisions that can give your life a 360º turn...

For example :

"Should I start taking a professional course, go college or start working?"

"Should I have kids or should I adopt?"

Because they have a significant impact in your life.

POV : 
We tend to ask advice, once in a while.

NOTE : Secretly, we tend to seek approval and support from other people.
I admit I did, from friends. It became too much, up to the limit
Of being way too dependent and reliable on them.
It became too much. Too overwhelming.

« I found out and discovered that, looking closely,
I wasn't taking decisions for myself 100%,
Like I had a chackle in my ankles nearly all the time ».

This is the closest to describe and I have learned the hard way.

It is not easy to choose so. To open up this way.
This is 100% my decision.

Now looking back,
How could I let it go this far? To not be fully independent?

The beauty of life is that.
To know that the rights and wrongs of a decision
were done by YOU and you, alone.
To know that no one else carried the "blame".
It can be scary, but we have to face our fears.

« Part of growing up is exactly to hold 
And assume the responsibility of his/her mistakes »

And... finally to know that one decision
Is NOT a burden nor has to carry weight along.

It is a decision and you have the power to choose.
You do not have to seek approval.

POV : 
It is good to have support now and then,
But people are not forced to nod their heads (yes, yes)
And simply agree all the time...

They can have different opinions and views, based or not on the situation.
It is normal.

« One who is not going through the situation 
Will have a whole diferent perception and perspective ».

Plus there is another point (question) to take to heart :

« That person, friend or individual does 
Or does not know the situation or the people involved? »

They can even be leading you to a wrong direction, 
Wrong decision or something that you do not wish to do!

« Besides this, you are NOT FORCED to make his/her opinions
The undeniable truth or something you have to go follow and do ».

To make your own decisions,
Choosing them by your own hand...

1. Will make you feel better.

2. You will become more independent.

3. You will get stronger and build confidence.

POV : 
You can feel free.
I am no longer hearing the ones who do not know my situation
Nor have walked in my shoes.
It is better off this way and I smile because I attained so.
I can decide for myself, even if I make mistakes, I am human.
I can decide for myself, the way I wish it to be.
I am... Just me... and I can be so much more.
And so can be you.

segunda-feira, 20 de maio de 2013

Social - Self Esteem and POV's


These are troubled times we are experiencing.
Therefore my goal is to help one another, whenever possible.
So, I picked Self Esteem.

There are three ways to see Self Esteem...

1 ) The way we see ourselves.

2 ) The way others see us.

3 ) The way we think that others see us.

Those three views on Self Esteem
Ought to collide with eachother at times.
Our self esteem starts to be formed at an early age.
Our parents are responsible shape that aspect while they are educating us

That shapes The way we see ourselves.

While we grow and watch our colleagues and parents.
Thus, we are facing and seeing The way others see us
(through their actions, sayings and opinions)

Lastly, we can have a third perception on self esteem :
The way we think that others see us,
and this one can be either right or very wrong.
(means that it can be distorted easily)

It is VERY IMPORTANT to take Self Esteem nearly at heart.
Otherwise, growing up with a poor self esteem can be devastating.
Likewise, growing up with a overly high self esteem can be troubling, too.

I grew up with a poor self esteem, I admit it.
The perception I had of the world and of my future was not bright
When one grows up with a poor self esteem, he or she can tend to isolate
Lose security and value in his or herself.

And all the rest came along (can be read in other posts), as you know.
But those least positive points are not
What I want to teach or bring highlight upon.

The bottom line is to pay attention to these situations
For your loved one's sake and health!

A bruised self esteem can give place for other problems such as...
- Anxiety
- Lack of Security
- Depression
- Eating Disorders
- For one to become a bully or bullied.
- Other health disorders and mental illness
- Self Injury
- Suicidal thoughts.
- Risk of Suicide.

We have to let our children and teens know the rights and wrongs
Know tolerance, acceptance and other essencial values
Such as sharing, and be aware of causes.

Why ?
Because our children will be adults in the future
They will be the adults of the FUTURE.
And I (as you probably not as well) do not wish that
Our grown ups become sick or imitate our mistakes.
Due to watching us neglecting them...
No, we can not allow that to happen!

Speaking of that...here is a video on the matter.

NOTE : We need to care for our beloveds
Each and every day.
Even if we are too stressed or upset to attend them.
Let him/her know that you are there.

I read a really interesting email some days ago from a friend.
I no longer have it in my inbox, but it was about being there.

It was a beautiful history about a father and a young son.His parents weren't able to be there for him :His mother and father were working until late to sustain their house and pay their bills.
They could barely see eachother : He was early at schoolAnd his parents would return late from work, By that time the child would be sleepingTo attend another day of school on the following day.
So...his father had an idea.
Late at night when he arrived home from work,

He would make a tiny noose in his son's bedsheets
and kiss his forehead, every night.
That way, the child would know that his father was there.

Bottom line : 
On this tiny history,
The noose would represent a tiny but meaningful gesture of being there
And a sign of connection between both.

We do not need a lot of words, 
We need (big or small) actions
That come out from the heart, with kindness and love, instead.

POV : 
To heal broken / bruised self esteem
It takes time...specially if you still
do not know what was the cause.
So... I will demonstrate some steps here

(I have been through this journey already 
and still am following some of these steps)

In this cases we have to look back to find the cause
Sometimes, seeking for help can be/is advised.

(For example : 
A psychologist/councelor or hypnotherapy)

We can name it «the root» problem,
Because we are talking about the possible cause or causes
(Can be multiple) that led to self esteem problems.

Linked with step number one it is really important
And it is a great victory recognizing and be willing to improve
Let no one take that precious victory away from you
You are doing an effort to be a better person.

NOTE : It can be the other way around too...


By rushing everything, we will not be attaining better results
Or quicker results. For an effective treatment to happen changes must occur.
Bad habits must be broken!
Waiting is actually PART of the process!

POV : 
In my therapy I was rushing and negleting
My well being and my goals. It had done me no good.
Due to economical reasons, I have found myself abandoning treatment
Specially when I was maybe needing it the most.

(For more information you can check
Relationships - Expectations)

But it was solved by searching for other solutions/alternatives
Eventually the place where I was receiving treatment
I had no longer to pay, because it was decided to be like so.

What I want to explain with this...
You do not have to live like that.
I know that you are a wonderful human being
And the faster you go seek help
You will for sure feel the benefits, eventually.

4TH STEP : Writing out or Speak it out.
It definately helps a lot. I might post the complete POV of some times of crisis
I will think about it , for the time being.
As far as I concern, I agree on this point to speak out to someone you trust
Specially, a loved one who you feel that you can talk freely, openly
Without thinking if you are bothering or not.

From experience , I speak with my mother.
Difficult times brought us closer and our daughter/mother relationship stronger.
So , out of a difficult situation, I can see and now sense improvement.
Not everything is dark, dim and other similar names .

I am satisfied with this because previously, 
All that I could see was darkness, like a dark cloud in front of me.

That has changed now and that cloud has dissapeared.
I wish from the bottom of my heart that you are able to improve too
And find your path.

NOTE : I do not mind sharing my personal story or my journey.
Reason ? I want to help out the best I can.
I want you to know that you are not alone on this.
I want you to know that there is a light, there is a hope, there is a way.

sábado, 18 de maio de 2013

Job - Working and Studying

Good morning , readers !

How are you today?

I hope you are okay and I wish you all a wonderful weekend.
A little special something for you:
I decided to share the experience of working and studying at the same time
And some situations that happened to me, too.

Let's start off with the Point of View, shall we?

POV : 
I have started working in a firm almost two weeks ago, by now.
The first days were quite a challenge, to adapt myself to the rythm ;
Besides this, I was not able to rest at home as I used to, atfter the course.

Working after the course was uniquely my decision
Connected with the wish to be more independent.
And I attained it.

" I sincerely believe that if we wish and fight hard on something,
It will most likely turn to your favor
It can either end well or turn into a valuable lesson to remember".

The downside was that I started to feel more tired day by day
Until I really got used to it. Sometimes a smile and a cup of coffee do wonders!
(I am going to search for something to replace the cafeine, really! xd)

[...] Anyways, I know it is not the best on the «jobworld» and out there
But I am proud to say that I do love my job, with its ups and downs,
Pros and cons. It is humble, requires effort and it is a challenge, every day.

I always say to myself that I am doing my best,
And to smile regardless of feeling so, so tired.
I usually notice that when I do so, it all tend to get better
For those five hours. I was able to make friends at work, too.

Situation One :
I do opinion surveys on the telephone.
There was this lady who told me a loved one was in hospital
Also, that she was depressed. She answered the survey and by the time
And afterwards, I told her (in my language) :

« I believe, at heart, that everything will be alright
I had depression in 2007, diagnosed two years later
And now I am being treated and feeling better
Know that there is Hope and a Cure.
I know and believe that you will be alright
And that we are not able to appreciate happiness without knowing sadness
It makes part , and we can learn to live with both ».

(...) She agreed. I gave her some confort
and told her it was going to be alright and to have faith.
She thanked me. Then I had to go and end the phone call.
But I felt that she was feeling better, calm.
It was very rewarding, for me to notice so.

Situation Two :
I am aware that this maybe is not the most correct thing to be done
But it has a reason, and one reason alone, with no more intentions :
To thank people for answering the survey and let them know that they were kind.
I usually do not expect or spend time expecting for the answer.
I do my part of letting people know that they made the difference on answering the survey
By email. I only send one email and that is it.

So , unexpectfully, 
I got an answer from someone who answered to the survey two days ago.

"It was nice to be inquired by you.
I wish you the best success in your professional life and of student, 
always with the kind and professional attitude that I am sure that you have. 
Everytime you need say so.

Best regards."

Then I think :
I mean, how can I not love my job???
Yes, I am aware that people are not always loving and kind,
There are rude answers too, but I learned to cope and laugh it off.
It is not like it is personal!

And these few situations make me appreciate the job that I have
And how lucky I am for actually having a job.
I feel it fulfills me and my dream of helping people.
Remember : One step at a time to make the difference.


sexta-feira, 17 de maio de 2013

World - Universal Peace

Greetings, my readers and friends

A little different from usual, but for this day
I decided to shout out to causes, 
One in particular...

Universal Peace !

There is a movement called Universal Peace Flag.

and for communities, cities and countries to become aware
of what we have in common  :

The WISH to be whole

For LOVE, KINDNESS and HELP to be part


We can achieve great goals and aim for our dreams
We must keep in mind that we are part of something huge
And , more than anyone, we can make a diference.

We can stand for a cause and help.

We can volunteer, share, donate, anything to help out.

Will you make part?

I am currently representing my country 
As an Ambassador for Peace.
I am honored to make part of this movement and team!

Visit us at 

To learn and know more about this cause.

It is possible to contribute, shop or become an Ambassador for your Country.

You can also follow us on...

Blessings !

terça-feira, 14 de maio de 2013

Life´s Advice - Less is More

Good morning !

Besides these recent quotes/statements...
«Giving up is NOT AN OPTION.» 

«Prepared for the worse,
But always hoping and fighting for the best.»

That I decided to transform into personal statements for my own life
I would to speak about another one :
  «Less is more.» 
It is ... to one live with what he/she has got.
To not be greedy or carry jealousy towards another and their possessions.

This can be apliable to almost ANY area of our lives.
Self, Relationships, possessions/belongings....

We can start with belongings.
We tend to spend much money in the latest technologies, brands, jewelry...
As someone once said...and we need to ask ourselves (and others) this:

Do we need that much?
Do you need that much?
What can make us happy, afterall? 
So for today I saved this post for Less is more 
and some POV's are to be expected.


a) Cleaning  
We can start off by separating different types of files.
By month (MM/) or year (YYYY/)
Then, by day (DD/).
You store them in a folder or recycle them,
In case they are no longer needed.

b) Saving 
You can save some files (by using an external disk or USB key) on the computer.
It is also a pratical solution
Since you can easily carry both around in a backpack or suitcase;

c) Choosing
Choose the main files and separate them by categories

Examples : 
Personal, Finances, Work, 
School/Course, Health, 
Extra, Other.

d) Old and New
See if your items are still usable and up to date.
Check if your clothes are still wearable or wore off.
See if you are still going to use them or not.
In case you don't and if they are in good conditions,
You can give them away to charity or to someone who needs it
So they can give a new use to it.
And you can save room for new, useful items, to take place.

e) Make up 
You can label your make up with the date you opened it
So you know when you started to use and know when it expires.

(Actually this was originally Vanessa's idea.
Visit her at : http://diariodeumabeautyjunkie.blogspot.com/
She has great posts and reviews)

f) Wearing Make up...
Less is more is meant for this case, too:
A bit of lipgloss, a natural, soft liquid foundation 
clear mascara and concealer (optional) are enough for a natural look.

The skin colour must be even.
Also, the concealer ought to be slightly lighter 
In case you wish to conceal dark circles.

" I am a simple girl
I usually wear make up to enhance qualities 
and to camuflage small flaws and (mostly) traces of tireness"


" Finally, it is important to find happiness in simples things and inside of us
It starts there. We have to find it.
And let it blossom.
Then we can trully show our essence
Give out the best in us, for us and others
And fully live life ".


domingo, 12 de maio de 2013

Relationships - Passion and Love

Good afternoon, dearest.

For today I decided to share one of other new lessons :
Passion... and Love.

There is a difference between both.
The flame of passion, that burning fire can diminish after a while.
It is to impress, to make each day something new.

If there is less passion at a certain time.
It does not mean the other part does not love you.

I am personally a believer of true love.
I also believe that I have met love, himself.

It is part to be less passion over time,
Less new things.
But the couple CAN renew that burning flame...

By going out elsewhere, going to movies,
Trying out new things, spending more time together,
taking him/her to that place he/she loves
or that he/she would seriously like to go to!

Allow him/her to know how much you love your other half.
Let them know ... How much they are special,
How much they mean the world to you!

But Love...
Love is something else.
It is so much more than just passion !

Love resists the test of time.
Love forgives.
Love gives and offers.

Love does not demand nor wishes anything in return, constantly.
Love is to smile when one is smilling,
And feeling the aches when your special someone is hurting.

Love is to miss that special someone every day,
And every day to love that person more.

So treasure your loved ones,
Treasure your other half,
That person who makes you feel complete.


sábado, 11 de maio de 2013

Depression - Let Past Be.

Good afternoon , dearest.

Based on Life´s experience...my own that it gave me,
I decided to write this post.
It is personal but has important lessons to it.

" Clinging to the Past constantly can wreck you.
Holding onto it might be useless at times.
And you can lose time of your life while doing so
Time that could and can be spent on other things
And on meeting other people ".

I do not mean for example when people decide to give a time
Or find their own paths ;
But when holding onto one that no long has anything to offer.

Let past be, is my latest advice.
I have done so as it has no longer anything new to say
Nor has changed , nor has learned.
I do not mean to be harsh
But by saying otherwise during other times, old times (around 4 years ago)
I fooled and deceived myself. I do not wish the same for you, reader.

As someone once said :

« Fool me once, shame on you
Fool me twice, shame on me »

So, regarding this, my answer was permanent.
Moving on is a reality. Which I already did.
The best we can do is to take these lessons with us
It will make me (and you) stronger.

And I do not wish a bad life to that person.
Quite the opposite, I wish the best to everyone.
But I have the right and already decided that our paths are not to ever cross again.
Because there is absolutely nothing more nor new to say.

We have to let past be...
So we can allow ourselves to heal.
So we can think for a minute, meditate...think...
And be down to earth.

I decided to approach this subject because
Since I have started to think about the present
I have felt the benefits out of it!

PLUS, I have lost quality time of my life due to this.
And neglected myself of finding someone at that time.

I did find someone who I love dearly, until this very day.
Almost two years ago.  (will be at the end of the month)
I came to terms that, it was meant to happen 
And our souls were meant to meet.

As someone dear to me said too...
There is a right time for everything to happen
And everything happens for a reason. :)

I am a stronger human being because of this.
And I am grateful for everything, even the worst times!

Why ? 
We cannot appreciate and see the beauty of being happy
Without sadness. It is part. It makes part. It is life's cycle.

I hope I was able to bring light about this subject

sexta-feira, 10 de maio de 2013

World - Lupus Awareness Day

It is a special day today.

Today, May 10th is the Worldwide Lupus Awareness Day.

In common with mental illness, this is a silent disease.

The actual cause is still not known.

(We need to find a CURE)

What is Lupus ?
Lupus is an chronic illness that can affect people of all ages, races and gender.
However, adult women are the highest number of pacient suffering from it.
(90% are women , between 15 and 40 years old).

It is considered an auto imune illness because the body does not have enough defenses to fight infections
and attacks itself. Lupus is not a contagious illness, but a chronic disease.

Useful Websites / Sources :
What I would like to challenge you
(And ask you too)

To wear a purple ribbon to help this cause
And the ones who are battling, every day.

NOTE : I am with you.

Some Symptoms

terça-feira, 7 de maio de 2013

World - Women Rights

Good morning , my readers

After a while gone, I am back...

Before speaking and writing about other topics,
I decided to show you a rather interesting game/app on Facebook
That I saw (only a bit) yesterday afternoon.

The name of the game is Half The Sky Movement - The Game

It has a different approach on Women's Rights.
Action is taken in India, where your character is a woman
and you have to make decisions on a daily basis.
Your decisions have influence through out the game itself.

The goal is to bring awareness not only about what I mentioned first,
but also about Education, Health and Human Rights.

I hope you like it, as much as I did.

Lastly, the link to the game Half The Sky Movement - The Game

Kind regards...

domingo, 5 de maio de 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Good evening,

It is a bit late here where I live,

But, better late than never, right?

I wouldn't finish the day without posting this...

To every mother 
In each corner of the World
Young mothers until the one's 
Who raised wise men and brave women

Know that you are loved and always will be.
And admired by your strength, unconditional love and kindness, you are
You are a wife, a mother, a grandmother, someone's special daughter

Even if gone too soon
You will always be treasured and reminded for 
Your beauty inside and out!
For you matter the most.

And...a Mother is a special being
To be one is to have Bond of Love
And Protection for Eternity.


God bless you all.

sexta-feira, 3 de maio de 2013

Life´s Advice - Inner Strength

The only thing I know is this:
I am full of wounds and still standing on my feet.

— Nikos Kazantzakis

Dear readers,

How are you doing?

I want you to know...

You are stronger than you can ever imagine.
We often figure that out, 
When we do not have any other option than being strong.
I believe in all of you that 
Come across this page and read each word that I post
Or even if it is the first time you are reading me...
Know that I believe in you.

I look forward to hearing from you...
And am glad to be making this journey with you...
Despite of any wounds that you have, on your skin, flesh, soul...
Let time heal, let God heal, allow yourself to heal.

Give time, allow your thoughts to settle in
Think about the one or ones you love.
Think about your relatives
Or even your mother or father, the ones 

Who made your birth, your existence possible.

Reflect about One that makes you whole, 
Whole as a woman/man or as a human being.
You are loved , and you can make it through.
I believe in you!

quarta-feira, 1 de maio de 2013

World - Mental Illness POV

Good afternoon!

For this day, I thought about a diferent point of view
And approach on Mental Illness.

It is not easy to have mental illness, nor it is something we choose to have.
Mental Illness, such as chronic illness as well,
Tend to be labeled by people and society
And, still until this very day it is frequent to judge, and talk/write
Unacurate information and statements about these.

It is easy and rather quick to judge when you are not going through the situation.
Everyone's path and life journey is different.
Each human being is diferent.
And that is what trully is wonderful in life, too!

How boring it would be if we thought the same way,
Dressed the same way and all?

We cannot fully know how someone's path is until we walk through their shoes
As in, going through one's similar condition or situation.

We feel diferently, 
We act diferently,
We demonstrate affection, love, kindness, in our own special way.
We suffer diferently and we react diferently through pain.

It is not easy to have mental illness, nor it is something we choose to have.
Sometimes, it just happens or it is triggered by events or people around us.
Often it is not "socially acceptable" to be sick.
As it is not "socially acceptable" anything that is either different or unknown.

People either despise, ignore or fear the unknown.
So I leave another question :
What if that unknown become known and even, familiar?
Would it have an impact or would you act the same way?

I had the first symptoms of my condition in 2007
But I was only diagnosed with depression three years later.
I researched, read because I wanted to know what was happening to me.

To seek knowledge is optional.
To seek help, is needed
Because your Health, your life is precious
And so are the ones around you.

Note: There were triggering events, yes, that I wrote about in the blog
Since 2010.

Nowadays I am not ashamed to say that I had depression
And/or that I have anxiety problems.
No one has to feel shame.
No diagnosis defines people.

People cannot allow a condition or illness to put a limit to their dreams.
Instead, that must be a reason to push forward
And redefine his/her own goals.

I am not depression.
It was a condition, that, as many others can and must be controlled.
It has not have a physical spot where it hurts,
But it is real pain...ache that has a reason.
That reason can be figured out imediately or it can take time.

Again, it takes time, yet I learned that
Instead of feeling sorry for what I went through
Instead of whining about what I do not have
Instead of feeling pity of my old self

I decided to spend that energy
On the Present. Because Present is a gift.
And thanking for what I have.
And dedicating to my former self.

-- Carpe Diem,
Seize the day. 

It is valuable to find proper help and support.
Professional help is advised.
And follow your doctor's instructions.

Our life is a blessing,
We are lucky to wake up each day.

Some, are not as lucky
And if we are alive,
Let's live with quality and truly live
Not survive!

God bless you all!

terça-feira, 30 de abril de 2013

Tips to Deal with Anxiety

Good evening dearest...

I usually write during the night or during the afternoon.
Then I either post at the moment or allow Blogger to do its magic.
There is this subject...that I felt unconfortable in the past to talk about.

It is night over here and I chose to write out what I was thinking about
It is a quite personal post.

Again... Anxiety.

Okay, better this way, with smaller font.
I considered anxiety to be something that held me back for some years.
As a matter of fact, it gave me quite some headaches.

I must admit, I still haven't fully tamed this
But I am starting to find ways to cope and deal with it.

NOTE : Anxiety does not have to be a monster!
In a normal situation, it is acceptable or «normal» to feel nervous and worried

(To feel alarmed/nervous/insecure is a mechanism of the human being
To be aware of risks, to be grounded and focused to his/her surroundings)

BUT when it affects and disturbs your life, whether socially or psychologically
It is time to react and seek help!

When I am anxious I tend to think too much and barely function.
With these wrongs... :

«What if...?» , «I should have done/said (usually added with «more») » , 
«I could have done» , «What will happen?»
«It was my fault» , «I was not good enough» , 
«I am not ready for this...» , «I cannot do» ...and so on...

Over and over again...

Are few examples I can give out to you.
I found and sorted out some ways to deal with it
And other ways/tips to ease my mind.

When I get TOO anxious, my stomach aches
and I honestly feel like I want to cry.
Other times, eating and sleeping gets affected.
We don't have to live like this!

So I rushed to seek help and advice...
Oh and found out some ways to deal with this on my own.

What I do...not in any particular order

1. Think about good moments.
Anyone who you deeply love or inspires you greatly.
Someone you held dearly to your heart.

2. Have a lucky charm.
I once went to a store and a black stone caught my attention.
Onix. So I bought it and ever since, I carry it along with me.
In my pocket and near me when I am going to sleep.

3. Light up a candle once in a while.
Stare at the flame, keep an eye on it.
Just sitting and connecting with your «self»
Or even, thanking for the day.

4. I have...conquered . I have...achieved .
I confess I am still slowly adapting to this way of thought
Due to the fact that I had these negative thoughts
And reversed thinking pattern for so many years
That it is hard (NOT IMPOSSIBLE) to change.
It will take time, but I believe! I am trying this !

So the tip on point number 4 is to,
At the end of the day to say or think to yourself :

TODAY , I have conquered... (fill in) . 

TODAY , I have achieved... (fill in).

It does not matter if it was a silly or small achievement.
What matters is that your mind gain focus on that type of thoughts
So that it may feel at peace whether it is at night, before going to bed
Or whenever you need so.

An example : 

I have conquered my goal of making through the day and learning properly.

I have achieved what I had planned : to write for this blog.

5. RESCUE Thought.
When I am really, really anxious and I have the chance
I usually go to my bed and just stay there.
And try to breathe. Slowly...

Then , (can be a solution in other cases and combined to 5) 
I think to myself over and over and over again
As many times as needed , this :


Thoughts are very powerful and can have a strong influence in us.
We have to reverse them, in case they are harmful.

6. Balance and Organize.
I know that something either unknown
Or unexpected is more likely to cause anxiety.
Now and then you can learn to organize your thoughts
Or your projects. That will help you deal with insecurities.

You can organize at a) mind or b) by writing out.
It can be used once in a while as a guideline or resource.

If you know what you have to do or what you will say
(for presentations) you will feel slightly less nervous
By practicing too (you can try in front of a mirror, for instance)
Presentations will become something simple.
Achievement? Your confidence will boost!

7. Write out or Talk out
I used to write my heart out or talk out with someone when I felt anxious.
It helped too... However, now
I am trying by myself to find ways (mentioned above) to cope.

8. Letting it all out
Lastly, if I do feel like I want to cry, I do cry.
If I get nervous to that point, I will...
It is better to become aware of this
Than to let those emotions burst and get out of control.

9. Reading
Reading can prove to be relaxing.
Choose your favorites
Or maybe you can choose to read a diferent type of book
One that you usually don't read.
Or you can pick Self Improvement or Guidance books.

This was my POV and Tips for the moment.
I shall add new tips from time to time
Feel free to add any suggestions or even contact us, if you would like.

Wishing you all best.

sexta-feira, 26 de abril de 2013

Depression - Meds, recent POV

Good afternoon, everyone.

It has been a while since I last wrote about Depression.
I was quite skeptical on this matter [using meds for Depression]
Truth is, I feared the unknown and the past experience was not pleasant.

I grew impatient for any results or improvements to arrive.
Which did not happen as I was not able to give time to it as well.

Note : If you are reading me, this is only my point of view regarding this
However, the right medicine for me , might not be the right for you and so on.
If you are experiencing depression, besides reading
(Which is one step already!) I advise you to seek professional help
Whether it is from a psychologist or a psychiatrist, Hospital or natural alternatives.

I would also like to add and ask you not to rush things as I did.
We all aim for a solution to our problems. I know.
I have been through it. I been through ups and downs, highs and lows, «hell and back».

But I am here. And so are you.
I have plenty to write and tell right now, at this very moment.

My point of View
[...] I decided to go to my family doctor as I was feeling very anxious
and had trouble sleeping and eating (due to stomache aches, too).

She prescribed me sleeping pills, an antidepressant and some meds for my stomache.
I started taking one antidepressant [....... toLife] it says.
I was already aware some side effects, while others took me for surprise.

Over three weeks have passed since I started treatment
The first days and until at least half of the second week I felt ill as in, nausea...
I lost appetite and 5kgs at the time. I continued to have trouble sleeping.
Some even said I was reaching the point of exhaustion.

But I kept on this treatment and held on onto it.
Plus I was still having appointments at a local psychology college
Giving up was and is not an option. Ever.

So I mainly took the decision of finding ways, tools, resources to relax.
To send any traces of anxiety away. I had to learn to wait.
Because I found out that if I was not that anxious,
I was going to be able to eat and sleep properly, with time.

Afterwards, I am still having a bit of trouble with eating
But my goal is to gain the weight again
Besides feeling better in all the other aspects of Life.
I noticed that I have been feeling calm and I am gaining energy again.
It is getting easier to sleep.

I am hoping to be back on track, renewed.
That and all the other steps I took ,
I shall leave them for another post.


quinta-feira, 25 de abril de 2013

Relationships - Expectations

Good evening everyone ,

I usually since I started to post on Tuesdays and Fridays,
I wasn't making posts in other days.
BUT today is a holiday here and I decided to make an exception.
For today (and somewhat related to the post "Treasure" on Life´s Advice)
I chose Expectations. There is more than meets the eye.
I am going to share a story with you, about my current therapy.

I go once per week at a local college of Psychology where we talk
And sometimes we have some exercises and there I gained more tools to deal with life.
I am always learning and open for changes. (Will tell more in other posts)

Therefore, the first step was to recognize a problem or a possible situation happening.
In my case, carrying high expectations had proven to be devastating.
So I told her. (The situation will be told below, I promise)

And it is, specially when one has such high expectations,
That anything the other people do isn't enough.
It never seems enough.

So I thought about the issue itself and there may a reason for it.
Lack of self esteem or affection.
Personally, if we have low self esteem
People can help us, can try to heal those wounds
But we have to find love inside of us too.
And that can prove to be quite a chalenge.

I arrived to college and I had high expectations
« I am going to feel fine after this, it is all that I want and I hope it doesn't take much time »
My thoughts exactly. Then, more and more expectations were added.

I wanted so badly to feel refreshed and changed
For my loved one, for my family, for my friends
That I unconsciously overwhelmed everything with expectations.
Plus, neglected myself. I thought about nothing else.
And I was growing inpatient!

Outcome : 
Instead of draining my energy on thoughts as, for example :
«It has to be good» , «I have to feel okay» , «TODAY I have to tell x , y and z»

(They become warmful because in those cases
You are organizing things so much OR forcing something to happen
Even if it is only in your mind.
Even if it is with a good intention,
Things don't always work out the way we want)

When I stopped carrying such expectations...I NOTICED!

And if at least you throw some of them away
You will feel the diference, I guarantee.

(Because those can and seriously warm your relationships 
And you can lead yourself to disapointment
Instead it is better to be surprised through out life!)

...I just thought of nothing and went there
As in « Appointment today , we'll see how this goes »

My goal and the goal of the psychologist is for me to improve as a person.
However, there are ups and downs.
When we feel happy, unhappy, tired, annoyed, and so on...

I still want to feel fine and be the best I can be for the ones I love,
And I know I am going to reach what I have planned!
But I am not carrying the weight of the expectations with me.
I will let the appointments take their course and take one step at a time instead.


Relationships - Expectations

Good evening everyone ,

I usually since I started to post on Tuesdays and Fridays,
I wasn't making posts in other days.
BUT today is a holiday here and I decided to make an exception.
For today (and somewhat related to the post "Treasure" on Life´s Advice)
I chose Expectations. There is more than meets the eye.
I am going to share a story with you, about my current therapy.

I go once per week at a local college of Psychology where we talk
And sometimes we have some exercises and there I gained more tools to deal with life.
I am always learning and open for changes. (Will tell more in other posts)

Therefore, the first step was to recognize a problem or a possible situation happening.
In my case, carrying high expectations had proven to be devastating.
So I told her. (The situation will be told below, I promise)

And it is, specially when one has such high expectations,
That anything the other people do isn't enough.
It never seems enough.

So I thought about the issue itself and there may a reason for it.
Lack of self esteem or affection.
Personally, if we have low self esteem
People can help us, can try to heal those wounds
But we have to find love inside of us too.
And that can prove to be quite a chalenge.

I arrived to college and I had high expectations
« I am going to feel fine after this, it is all that I want and I hope it doesn't take much time »
My thoughts exactly. Then, more and more expectations were added.

I wanted so badly to feel refreshed and changed
For my loved one, for my family, for my friends
That I unconsciously overwhelmed everything with expectations.
Plus, neglected myself. I thought about nothing else.
And I was growing inpatient!

Outcome : 
Instead of draining my energy on thoughts as, for example :
«It has to be good» , «I have to feel okay» , «TODAY I have to tell x , y and z»

(They become warmful because in those cases
You are organizing things so much OR forcing something to happen
Even if it is only in your mind.
Even if it is with a good intention,
Things don't always work out the way we want)

When I stopped carrying such expectations...I NOTICED!

And if at least you throw some of them away
You will feel the diference, I guarantee.

(Because those can and seriously warm your relationships 
And you can lead yourself to disapointment
Instead it is better to be surprised through out life!)

...I just thought of nothing and went there
As in « Appointment today , we'll see how this goes »

My goal and the goal of the psychologist is for me to improve as a person.
However, there are ups and downs.
When we feel happy, unhappy, tired, annoyed, and so on...

I still want to feel fine and be the best I can be for the ones I love,
And I know I am going to reach what I have planned!
But I am not carrying the weight of the expectations with me.
I will let the appointments take their course and take one step at a time instead.


terça-feira, 23 de abril de 2013

Life´s Advice - Treasure

Greetings, my readers.

One lesson to learn is that we have to give value to other people.
Because, we may be giving attencion to ones who are not actually there when needed.
At all. We might be expecting too much or even,
Overload others with (often unrealistic) demands.

ALSO and very important too...
We are probably missing out much
And losing the ones we love the most because of those.

How much do words carry in value , over time ?
Quite a part of value, but not all of of it
Atitude means way more, to run that extra mile, to call your significant other
To do crazy things.
To text, to message that person and let him/her know that you are there.
To wait.
To have the guts to change and admit the wrongs, and turn those flaws around.

Because I , you , we are human.
We all make mistakes.
We are not perfect
We all carry regrets along
But what makes the diference is to actually change and fulfill that promise.

P.S.: I promise you, W.

Blessed be.

sexta-feira, 29 de março de 2013

Life Asks - Procter and Gamble TESTS?

Good afternoon, dearest.

I have sent a email directly to Procter and Gamble about if they test or not in Animals
I asked (and hoped) for a clear answer from them.
So here goes :

Dear consumer,

Thank you for your email concerning P&G and research involving animals.

P&G is committed to eliminate testing involving animals for consumer product safety. Research involving animals is a last resort and is only considered once every other reasonable option has been exhausted. The vast majority of our tests do not use animals. Whenever possible, we use computer models, synthetic materials, published scientific studies and what our consumers tell us about the products they use. We seek input from the world's leading experts to continuously improve our approach, and have stopped working with researchers who do not meet our high

Our Company continues to foster independent review of our standards and inspection of our facilities by leaders in the field of animal care. We are a leader in alternatives to animal testing, investing more than $190 million and helping to develop more than 50 proven alternative methods. We collaborate with governments and academia to promote acceptance of alternatives. We actively share our discoveries so that others can benefit from our progress, and our work has appeared in more than 300 scientific publications. We approach our research with respect, openness and responsibility by using animals as a last resort, working with animal welfare organizations and ensuring high standards of care.

If you would like more information about this important issue, please visit us at www.pg.com.

In exceptional circumstances, when there may be a shortage of raw materials, it is possible that, from time to time, we may have to resort to using ingredients derived from other sources.

Thank you for taking the time to contact us.

Kind regards,

Serviço de Apoio ao Consumidor
P&G Portugal

terça-feira, 26 de março de 2013

World - Petitions

Good morning my readers,

I chose for today a selection of websites with Petitions
There are quite some causes and you can even create your own petitions!

The one I use the most , from Care2.com

NOTE.: You can login with your Facebook profile, too.

Others you can look at...

You can also check out Greenpeace's Website and PETA's Website if they have any petitions,
However, I recommend it as it has many tips and advice :

Some petitions that Greenpeace is doing/are related to them:






Hope this was helpful.

Take care...*

Life Blog supports... Causes and People !