domingo, 30 de dezembro de 2012

Depression - Detox and Embracing

Good morning,  everyone.
Besides talking and writing about advices for your life and daily basis subjects,
Today I decided to share a diferent aproach
Regarding Depression.

Along with this aproach I will add another subject,
Parcially related to Depression which is Detox(ing).
So, here we go :

A. Everything happens for a reason
This is not just a phrase.
Everything DOES happen for a reason.
And things will eventually work out the best way for you.

B. Depression is NOT a lifetime sentence.
After plenty of time reading articles
and having gained knowledge and awareness about this condition,

- I learned that "it" is not a lifetime sentence
It is a condition, as many others, and it must be treated as such.
You are not condemned because you are facing mental illness.
Face it as another phase of your life.
Face it as you were staring it in the eyes,
As an illness that can be diagnosed and treated.

- It has a cure, but it all starts in YOU as well.
Friends can be a great support as well.
Avoid being alone when you feel down.

- I fell many times in this mistake
(So it applied to myself too)
Change the thinking pattern.

Change the type of music you listen to,
Specially when you feel heartbroken, sad, upset or angry.
Those emotions tend to attract you to songs
Which reflect those negative emotions.
By having those emotions reflected, they won't be gone
Nor cleansed, instead, they will still be there.

We want to reverse the pattern, that vicious cycle.
And we CAN do so.

C. We can also Detox by getting rid of objects,
pictures or dirt at the space/place we spend most time in.
Starting from our bedroom.

Then our computer...
- By cleaning the files, trashbin and uninstalling programmes you no longer use.
- By defragmenting your CPU and cleaning your disc ;
- By selecting, organizing and cleaning your email inbox ;

Then, the living room. And so on.
Everything will feel better and, impressively, lighter!

Heavy burdens have to go.

As we say, at least in my language
It is something like this :

New Year, New Life !


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