domingo, 25 de novembro de 2012

The Power of Thought - Life´s Advice

Good morning, to whoever is reading (L)
It's not 11 am still and Winter is showing itself.
It's freezing now, but nothing that a good cup of tea
(Or hot chocolate) can't solve! ;D

The topic I decided to approach today is Thinking Patterns
We all tend to think now and then a bit negative.
However, that can be harmful not only for ourselves,
But for the ones who live with the person nearly everyday
And also, for our health.

Thought is a very powerful tool
And CAN have a great impact in our lives!
SO, be careful with what you do and/or wish for.
If you see or notice that your thinking pattern
Is holding you back from achieving your goals
Or holding you back from having healthy relationships
With your friends, family or your better half,

Then it is time to think and reconsider.

Notice : The change of a thinking pattern is not instant.
It requires time, patience, faith and will.

Then you MUST ask yourself and consider these points:
1. * What do I want for me?

2. * What do I want to be attracted to me?
(As in goals, purpuse, energy, any area of your life
It is called the Law Of Attraction)

3. * Time is an ally and God is healer.
And if you do not believe in God, you can be your own healer.

4. * What has been holding me back from achieving what I want and desire?

5. * Now and then get some time for yourself. And rest.
Not resting can result on not apreciating as well YOUR day.
Because there is a new day, everyday,
Starting from the moment you open your eyes.
There is a chance for CHANGE and there is a chance for RENEWAL.

I suggest these websites as well:
6. * Another advice is for you to think for yourself
Avoid making part of the masses.
Think as an unique individual and not as the Media tell you or as other people tell you.
It is important to be faithful to your own opinion.
To stand out. To be YOU, not another sheep in the system.

7. * NO, NOT, NEVER...forbidden.
Negative words aren't allowed in thoughts, nor writtings.
What you think may be attracted to you.
You can start for example, writting in a notebook the best times of your life.
The joyful, playful moments. Any that aren't in those categories, aren't allowed.
At all. :D

Blessed be, always*

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