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World - Haiti and Causes

Good evening, fellow readers.
Here in Life Blog,
We not only want to bring awareness about one's diseases or disorders

Yet, we also aim to alert everyone
Each and every conscience, ONE BY ONE
To important (not to say essential) Humanitarian causes!

We have to open our eyes to these type of situations
Such as Natural Disasters, Poverty and Disease.
Awakening begins in each one of us.
It begins in you, it starts in me.
It starts in each one, everyone!

Just the game/experience itself can bring the person
(Maybe) to a close reality of what may have happened
in Haiti (Port-au-Prince) in the year of 2010.

Haiti - Inside Disaster

This experience is more or less how it happened
You can take the role of either a Survivor,
Team Aid Worker or a Journalist on the Scene.

In that game you can establish dialogues
and make choices as if you were actually there.
It looks pretty realistic so...
I would advice people discretion while playing it
(The own website has warnings regarding those)

In my own views and Perspective, it also carries an important lesson along :

To SEE as if you were there.
To Be aware of others suffering.
To NOT look in one's own bellybutton
BUT to look in a wider scale and look upon others
Specially in their times of need.

" Because you will never know...
One day it can be someone you do not know
One day it can be one fellow brother or sister
In distress. Yet, one day it can be you
Or someone you held close to your heart...
So, please, help while you can
And serve others while you live! "

-- By Life

God bless you all!

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