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Travelling - What to take...

Good morning everyone!
Today's subject is about travelling and what would be adviced to take.
I am doing one for girls (I am a girl) yet this post can be adapted to boys also
I shall put a note on optional items / depending items too.

P.S. I am not considering travelling at all, I am doing great here in my homeland
Despite of the economical crisis here and over the UE.
Also, I thought on making this particular post because
I had these notes for a long (longest!) time and I am cleaning my room, so yeah :P
Probably I'll also make a post later on how to organize the room.

On the bag...  What to take?

Main Travelling Bag

Whether a bigger bag or a trolley (it would be more practical due to the wheels)

-- Let's suppose for a week or less --


- T-Shirts or Tank Tops 
(T-shirts can be versatile, specially if they are of neutral collors for example white or grey)

- Dress
(One or two, only if you are into dresses.
By dress I mean whether a summer dress or simple black dress)

- Sweaters (three or four) 
Depending if it is a cold country or not, otherwise you won't need much, 
maybe only for the night time (can get cold during that time)

- Blazer (one) 
(Can be one coloured as a statement piece in blue, pink or black
Or a simple black or grey one. It is an optional piece, though
If you don't like blazers you can take a leather jacket)


- Underwear 
(Some pairs, three or four, depending on how long your vacations are going to be).

- Pijama / Pijamas
(Whether is a top and pants or t-shirt and shorts one or two would be the adviced)

- Jeans 
(One pair or two. What matters is that the jeans fit you well and that they are confortable
The advantage of a good pair of jeans is that it can be used whether 
in a casual moment or a formal ocasion depending mostly of what you combine on top)

- Cardigan Coat (a blue, brown, gray or another colour.
I find them a cute piece of clothe and also it can warm you up on mild, or spring days).

Shoes -
- Sneakers
- Regular shoes and/or Sandals
- Slippers (to wear around the house/hotel)
- Boots 
- Heels

Others -

- Towels ( face = small , head = medium , body = larger towel)

The optionals ?

- Blazer and/or Trench Coat

*Blazer (one) 
(Can be one coloured as a statement piece in blue, pink or black
Or a simple black or grey one. It is an optional piece, though
If you don't like blazers you can take a leather jacket)

*Trench Coat
(This one is optional but a good choice, specially 
if your vacations are going to be on cold or rainy countries)

- Fabric Jeans (a black or grey or khaki pair of jeans. 
Those are more formal would be wearable for a date for example, if you are not into dresses. Otherwise they are good for formal/work related meetings and job interviews abroad).

- Dress (one or two, only if you are into dresses.

By dress I mean whether a summer dress or simple black dress)

- Boots or Sandals (Depending if you are going to a cold or hot country)

- Heels (take them only if you feel confortable with them. Adviced - black shoes w/heels)

- Small umbrella (only in case you are going to a rainy country) 
or gloves (only in case you are going to a rainy / cold country)
or Hat / biquini / shorts / sun cream (only in case you are going to a hot country)
or scarf (optional)

- A blanket (this one I would only advice in case you are on the plane and if its a long trip 
or an Interrail).

Necessaire (A smaller, hand bag)

- Shampoo / Body Gel / Perfum or after shave (instead of taking bottles you can take several samples)
- Deodorant (roll on, preferably small deodorants)
- Soap (a small soap would be enough)
- Tissues
- Pads or tampons (in case you're a girl and anything happens...)
- Scissors , razors, manicure kit or any basic makeup.
- Brush, toothbrush and toothpaste (there are small/portable of those, for trips)
- Sun cream (OPTIONAL, only if you are going to a hot country or beach)

Main Bag (Purse or Suitcase)

-NOTE- If you have plenty of space on your purse/suitcase/main bag
you can move the stuff from the necessaire to the main bag.
In that case, the smaller/hand bag is no longer necessary!

- Wallet (documents (such as Passport, ID, cards and money)
- Mobile phone/Cellphone and cellphone charger.
- Phograph Camera (or only the cellphone in case it can take good pictures)
- Mp3 / Mp4 or Ipod. 
- Keys
- A Map (can be useful in case you do not know the country)


1 - Always keep an eye on your stuff.

2- Put name and contact or any reference in your travelling bag
Or even put a lock on the travelling bag.

3 - Search and be informed about the weight limits on the airports 
and check the limit that is allowed on weight to avoid any unpleasant surprise.

4 - The heavier clothes such as the leather jacket, sweater, boots (example)
Take them dressed on.

5 - Either take a rechargeable mobile phone card 
or  you can go to local computer stores to keep contact with your family and loved ones.

6 - Take extra money with you... 
Because if you do not have relatives living in that country
You will probably need to find an hotel / place to stay, plus spendings with food or souveniers.

7 - If you are from the UE or any of those countries and you are going to one, 
a passport isn't needed, yet you have to have your ID or Citizen Card. 
In other cases or countries, take your passport 
and make sure you have the required documents in day.

8 - Before going, try to get informed in the contries embassy 
or learn a bit of the language just in case, 
otherwise, speaking English can be very helpful)

9 - Check interrail, transportations (plain, train, bus) and hotel websites 
some time before going in order to find better prices, places and discounts.

-- NOTE -- 
In pink = for girls 
In blue = for boys
In black = for both

Hope I was able to help...
Have great vacations !

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