sábado, 21 de julho de 2012

Relationships - Commitment

Hi everyone! :D
Again back to the most requested subjects on Life Blog!
Today's evening subject is about Commitment or,
as many called it "being taken" to someone.

Being in a relationship is not an obligation.
It is not meant to be filled with pain and sorrow
It is amazing and wonderful, when you are with
the person you love and that loves you back. I am. (L)

He knows who he is. W.
I have been with someone amazing for a year
We understand eachother rather well
Also I feel that in the many times that
I was "Through Hell and back" he never abandoned me
And I, was several times holding onto him when he fell in sorrows.

Love is this : It is never meant to be perfect
There are problems, stress, many things
Nothing is perfect. 
YET...Love is...
Seeing another part of yourself in other
Imagining and making plans, a life with your other half

Standing through it all, embracing and accepting
 And I remember when we met
Those sweet, brown eyes,

The Friendship that began, a strong foundation
And the Love that bloomed between the two.

You make me feel complete, happy and whole
You showed me love,
Now, walk with me,

Heart to heart
And hand to hand
To our destiny, together.
P.S. I love you.30.5

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