segunda-feira, 23 de julho de 2012

Life´s Advice - Learning a New Language

Good evening, my dear readers!

Today I was (again) checking on my papers
(Quite a mess, to be honest!)
and I found on a sheet of paper a website.
It is called

So my advice to people who are on vacation
Or thinking of travelling abroad
Or even if you are considering for your resume
To learn a new language or some basic words :

Here is the website (English) (EN)

and the website (Portuguese) (PT)

The navigation through out the website is simple
You have a free first lesson to learn at least some basic words. You can see the local time, weather and the capital of the country. There is a great variety of languages, which is amazing!

Links to some languages :






Hope you enjoy it and that this was helpful!

Take care...

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