quinta-feira, 29 de março de 2012

Relationships - Grieve

Today's subject is relationships...

Not exactly nor only romantic relationships
But the grief, loss of someone close and dear.

It is a delicate yet painful subject to handle on your own.
I know it. Specially when someone dear to you has passed away.

1) The first thing to do is find support
You can come talk with me or with Wordskeeper,
Call or text a friend or talk to your family.

2) Most important thing is to TALK and SPEAK OUT 
What you are feeling. Express it out...
If you need to talk, talk. If you need to cry, cry...please, do not held it all in. 
Do not allow everything to build in as it can be VERY destructive... 
(Talking from experience, really!)

3) I know it sounds unreal at first, then you might even experience a denial phase.
Then questioning, all the doubts. The process, in my opinion :

Unreal // Denial Phase -> Slowly starting to realize -> Grief//Pain 
->> Need for support -> Collecting Memories and Remembering them 
(Afterwards time will help and the pain will be minimized leaving only the good memories about your loved one) 

Note : You can decide to talk with your family, friends, us or a councelor.
But please always talk with someone * 

God bless & Stay strong**

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