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Job - What to do on the First day

I have some experience on the matter
So I will do my best on writting to you about it :

A) What to wear :
Avoid anything that is too tight to your body
OR that looks sloppy. Tracking suits are a no.
If you are a girl, don't use a miny skirts
or clothes that are too revealing.
If you are to wear a skirt, wear one that goes around
or below the knee area.
You can also wear a blazer to match the skirt.

If you are a boy, you can wear a suit
Avoid sloppy clothes as well
Shave the beard or trim it.

B) Organize :
Take documents that you need
Such as your resume and certificates.
You can take a folder, briefcase
or portfolio with all that you need.

C) Time :
Make sure you either arrive earlier
Or right on time. It is a plus.
If not, the impression will be maybe a bit damaged.

D) Colleagues :
Knowing your co-workers takes time
maybe quite some time.
You are not forced to get along with all your colleagues

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