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World - Distracted Driving Awareness

Today I was around Youtube and I bumped into a video
About Texting and Driving.
Followed by that I found several (not to say a LOT)
Of articles about this subject.

Somehow related to this
there are other topics
Such as Distracted driving and also, Drunk driving.

My purpose here and NOW
and from now on is to open your eyes to this reality :

You have time for everything
To have fun, to be serious, to study
To dream, to work, to go out...

Don't OVER DO.
You have a whole life ahead of you
I am sure you do not want it
to flash in front of your eyes
Nor that it ends early.

Also , I am sure that
You don't want any injuries in the future
Or even a mourning family.

Proper steps must be taken
Security and driving must be the priority
Awaneress (even tho some are violent)
Is never enough

A seat belt CAN save your life
and prevent you from accidents
Not texting others while driving
Will make you 100% focused on your driving!

Never put that as second task
But put DRIVING as first
If you do so, you will remain safe
Otherwise you won't

Consequences are often fatal
It takes just a second, one little distraction.

Another subject is texting
You can TEXT any time
You can answer that call anytime
And explain everything with TIME

So this is no joke
Many, many acidents could have been avoided
Could have been prevented
Many persons
Could have lived on to this day.


A Story about Distracted Driving (Trigger Warning)

Faces of Distracted Driving (Trigger Warning)

Websites :

Please take care
Love you all.

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