quinta-feira, 6 de outubro de 2011

Religion - God's Message I

Let Him speak to you

Listen everyone...

He says :

Do not hold onto anything that insults him
And do not deny Our Lord, Our Father
As one who denies Him here on Earth
Will be denied by Him in the Heavens.

I do not listen to any song that insults or puts Him to shame
Personally I follow no fashions nor trends
Look on what they do to each one of you!

Be yourself, your true SELF
Let no fame nor influence bind you,
let no one to control your Will nor poison you.

" Unbreakable Will
Unshakable Faith
Unconditional Love
This is what you need ".

-- Life.

"Then you will know the truth,
and the truth will set you free."

John 8:32

That Knowledge, that Truth will cleanse your eyes.
This is what you need to know

Allow yourself to be close to God
(For such, no Church in this Earth is needed)

Because if you are close to Him
You shall be free from any chain
And He will be there!

I am sure. And I believe.
Also, talk to Him from inside your heart
An open heart. About your sins and mistakes
You will be understood and guarded from harm.

I shall leave here one worship song :
DMX - Lord give me a sign

The Lord will not fail.
Blessed be!

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