quinta-feira, 8 de setembro de 2011

Self Injury - Tanning

Hello everyone!

Life is starting to get what most people call a tan
It is great, specially if you have some marks
Like stretch marks or scars caused by self injury or any accident
Nature CAN help you cover some of your scars
Any others, check the post Self Injury - Cover scars?.

Anyways and as a sidenote I do not intend in any ways
For these post to be a help or an incitation on self injuring
I never do that and that is never the point of this Blog.
BUT as a way for recovered cutters to know how to conceil their marks
For important events or when they want to get a job...
...Such as myself.

More... as I said, Sun and even the water can help you.
Water cleasens and cleans you. Take it as refresh,
As a time to reconsider about your life and balance.

Imagine your burdens to go along with the tides and waves.

And by Tanning I mean no artificial tanning
Such as when your skin gets a brown to dark brown or orangy tone.

Search for creams that gradually bronze your skin
I have one (and I do not mean to advertise now!)
Called NUTRIBRONZE by L´ORÉAL which can be an example
Plus, that one exists for both face and body.

Note : While using creams always distribute around your skin
And never in only one spot because what can happen
Is that one spot gets darker than the rest.

Final advice : Walk with confidence
Forget your issues or self injury in the past
Everyday is a brand new day
For a brand new start.

Great vacations to you !

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