terça-feira, 6 de setembro de 2011

Self Injury - Embracing your body

As I mentioned previously, people found out.
I was the "not shy but quiet type of girl"
They did not immediately realized the situation, the marks
And how serious it could BE or could HAVE BEEN back then.

I would spend most of the schoolbreaks in top of the staircase
Writing. Just writing my heart and soul out
About anything and everything.

Before, I used to bother covering up the cuts or covering up the scars
Because I would feel ashamed OR it would bother myself
By thinking of how the others would think when they see the marks.

If anyone asks I most definately tell the truth.
I have nothing to hide anymore!

I am going to leave you this quote...

If fear is cultivated it will become stronger,
If faith is cultivated it will achieve mastery.

-- John Paul Jones

Why this quote?
Shall we put it this way :

+ If you cultivate Faith in the thought that you WILL no longer self harm
You will achieve it from time to time,
As Faith hands to hands with Will
It eventually will set you free from Self Injury.
You are Master of your Destiny
And not otherwise. If you do not believe it,
Try it and tell me how it went.

- Yet, if you cultivate Fear in the thought and goal of stopping SH
It will become stronger and drain your will, corrupt your faith
And mostly interrupt your Recovery.

It is a matter of thinking and controlling your thoughts
To righteous directions.

Embracing the body :
After this, embracing your body will come along
In a graduate way.

Be aware that the marks you have some will fade with time
And deeper cuts will still be there
Think of them now like scars from a battle...
A battle against yourself and your thoughts.
Let me say : It is over now .

Show yourself to the world.
It is the hardest step to a self injurer
But utter sign of recovery.
I done it and no longer have shame of wearing
Tank tops or t-shirts.

From now on your mission would
And will be showing to other former self harmers
What you found and what you overcame.

Peace be with you.

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