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Leave behind - Life´s Advice

My advice for today takes simple steps...

You will need :

+ 10 (OR more 3) Rocks OR stones AND another stone
(Total of 14)

+ BLACK, BLUE (OPTIONAL) and a RED ink marker.

+ To be in a place near a river or beach


Step 1 :
Go to a beach or river.
You won't need a swimsuit or a bikini for this
Only if you planned previously on going to the beach ;)

Step 2 :
You can go with friends to do this
Yet, this procedure would be better done alone
You need concentration and no distractions.

Step 3 :
Grab your stones one by one and with the BLACK marker write down
Your problems which can be TEN or more...

Grab THREE stones and one by one and in BLUE write down
Your wishes.

Step 5
Grab in only one stone and in RED
Make a single "X" in the middle.

Step 6
Throw the stones with black one by one
And think about the problems fading away
Or being solved already.
Afterwards throw the stone with the "X" in RED.
As for the blue ones, keep them near you.

Step 7 :
Pray (if you do not know how, speak to Him)
They will be solved, I have Faith in it.

Meaning of Black
The bad habits and problems you had.

Meaning of Blue
What you want to achieve.

Meaning of Red
Admiting and letting go.
Redemption, "X" marks the spot,
Leaving what is bad behind.

Step 8
Leave the place without hesitating
Nor looking back.
Take your three stones written in blue.

I say :
" May you obtain what you want
Leave your troubles and what harms you behind
May them be washed and taken away by the sea
And taken to God, for them to be solved".

My prayers are with you.

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