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Job - How to create a survey

I am going to give you some tips that I learned
While I was in schoool on how to create a survey ;
I eventually , and also, learned more
While working as someone who does opinion surveys
To people on the phone.

A) It is preferable to start off with questions
that bring interest to the other person and
that do not scare or intimidate him/her
on the other side of the line.

B) Avoid personal questions
or tematics that offer more resistance of answer
Such as polithics, money or sexuality.

C) Place each question in the same subject
To avoid confusion and wastes of time.

D) Variety in the way you create/say/start
Each question is needed.

Types of Questions

- Closed
(Yes OR No)

- Open
(Why? - They often require an opinion
or a more developted answer)

- Semi-Open
(Contain Yes AND Why)


E) Introducing two questions in one;

F) Asking "Why" very oftenly ;

G) Formulating questions in the negative form.

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