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Relationships - Why they fail

Good afternoon everyone!

The subject I bring for you today is...
"Why do some relationships do not work out?"

In this I mean in a LDR to non-LDR relationships.
I want to help you!
Any feedbacks, my contact is on the blog.

A ) Expectations aren't discussed.
You need to talk with your partner about what you expect
Specially in a Long Distance Relationship
No one guesses what you are thinking.

B ) Secrets are kept in between
Such thing is like poison :
Slow but destroys and kills.
Plus it gives out a environment of no trust between the two
So, for the sake of your relationship, keep things honest.

C ) Not telling the truth
Also known as Lying,
There will come a time when your significant other
Will not know if you are speaking the truth or not
And believe me, that is one step for the relationship
To be damaged or even crash down.

I personally would rather tell a hurtful thing but true
Than pleasant, constant lies.
Lying involves more lying. A vicious cycle.
It isn't good at all!

D ) Too much "Public" and Mediatic Relationship.
This one is for Celebrities and Non Celebrities
Do not allow anyone to step in
and gossip about your relationship
DO NOT make it public.
I saw about it once...
It only brings up more drama,
More argues and instability
If you aren't into that, please avoid it.

To end point D)...
I believe that if a problem or argue is happening
Or if you have something such as critics to say to your partner
Save it for later, for a private moment or chat
NEVER release it for others to see.

A wise quote :
Praise in Public,
Criticize in Private

-- Unknown

E) Issues aren't discussed
If they aren't discussed either
Or if problems remain it can turn
into a "snowball effect"
it isn't healthy for the relationship.

F) Past isn't Closed.
It is something that comes silently...
But it is very,very harmful!
You need to forgive your other half
From Past Mistakes, Break Ups, ect.
It takes a lot of "guts" and a very serious conversation.
There MUST be the promise of not doing it ever again.
If this isn't closed, the balance of your relationship
WILL surely be affected.

G) Betrayal, other person appears.
Just no... the trust is too much affected
There must be real regret and apologies
Otherwise, I'm sorry but it is better to let it go
You deserve better!

H) When the relationship isn't discussed
If it is a flirt, nightstand, some months thing
or a short to long term relationship
Eventhough it is hard to face, you need to know...
Not only by asking but by reading between the lines
Of the way your better half talks with you
Or even if he/she contacts you, ect.

I) A non-assumed Relationship
Seems a little too much?
Not quite. If it is a non assumed Relationship
There is something blocking the other from assuming
I don't say like to force the other to assume
But actually assuming the Relationship
Wearing a ring, etc
Brings a bit more safety to one of the persons
Or even both.

May your relationship go well!

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