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Relationships - Violence

Do you feel better now
When she falls to the ground?

Unfortunately violence
During marriage or violence while dating is sometimes real.
Or domestic violence.

I believe it is a subject that has to be exposed
And eventually be solved/ sorted out.

As some of my posts show, I am against violence...
Against other persons no matter their age or animals.
It is wrong.

And violence against your significant other
Is even worse in my eyes. Your wife or your husband...
She or he is supposed to be the one
Who you shared your matrimonial vows with
On which includes...
Standing with that person through,

"...Health or disease
...Happiness or Sadness
...Richness or Poor
Until Death do us part."

Not that unrelated the vows because
either one of those while the couple is in "crisis"
Can generate argues and other times,
Violence when one or both
are highly exposed to a stressful enviromment.

...Continuing, violence isn't necessary at all
to expose your points of view
Forcing your significant to agree
on whatever you say isn't a good start
To any relationship.

We all have our individual opinions and capacity to think.
And believe me, all it takes is to TALK.
Talk, never shouting. And respecting.

Types of violence...
~ Physical
~ Psychological

Explanation :
~ Physical violence includes -
Pushing, grabbing, punching/kicking,
Pulling hair, throwing objects...
Anything that intencionaly hurts the other physically.

~ Psychological violence includes -
Intimidating (through messages or personally),
threatning, manipulating...playing with one's mind,
forcing to do what the other doesn't agree,
restrict money, controlling (through messages, personally
or through simple things as accounts, conversations, ect.)
Insulting or cursing towards the significant other with the intention
of making the person feel or to bring the person down.


Factors that can worsen Violence
~ Alcohol
~ Substance abuse

Explanation :
One of those or the two completely change the person
I don't say this as an excuse, though.

Factors that are needed to lessen or erase violence
~ Comunication
~ Trust
~ Time

Explanation :
I shall advice if you or your significant other
If one of you is about to "snap"
take like 15 up to 20 minutes
Or a bit more to one of you. Go out or go to separate rooms
So you can think a bit and not act in the "heat of the moment"
Or, under stress and anger...

If going to separate rooms didn't solved your problem...
a ) Go out a bit, walk... then come back.

b ) Hop in the shower (cold) or in the bathtub (warm)
In order to relax or think a bit on your own.

c ) Go talk with your partner
and try to say you two can talk
the next day about what is disturbing him/her.

Other little something :
1) Violence isn't healthy in a relationship.

2) If your a victim of such, do not lock yourself up nor suffer in silence

3) You will never know that while you hit on your soulmate, your other half
Someone maybe (a little maybe) would like to held him/her and treat him/her respectfully.

4) There are around 4 million people in the world (or more now?)
YET... your wife, your husband chose YOU.
Amongst so many people.
You are taken or if you're married, think of the good moments too
It is never too late to repair the damages.
What is needed is pacience, love, comunication
And the promise (to keep) that the violent events will not happen again.

A song sugestion a bit about the subject...

( Música - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Face down )

Take care and peace be with you!

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