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Relationships - Marriage

I personally never got married
and currently I don't think I would
As it is a really important decision in one's life as a first
Plus some marriages are a bit expensive and have to have a lot planned.
Third as it is an important decision and step...between two persons.
A change as it is the union between two people.

God is to stand as a witness of that union.
A union that only would be to happen once

Yet I do understand Divorce and I make some exceptions to that,
And God (not Church) would understand that too...
But that would be a subject for later.

Marriage is one decision that will change your life
As you will eventually do your life as a couple
Which includes... sharing a place/house with your significant other, sharing a space, bills/money related subjects. A legal and oficial union, on the other hand as I said, one supported and seen by God Himself. As so, it is not to take lightly in mood nor decision.

Again, in my point of view I think only one should get married
When he/she is sure that the person he/she decides to marry
With is going to be the one to live the good and least good moments.
As well to be aware that crisis can come or disease
Or even other factors as stress or argues, ect.
Not everything is good nor everything is bad!

1. I think the couple must know eachotother well enough
Before taking this step.
It is a big change and not always the couples are 100% ready for it.
It should be intended to be a long term relationship.

2. Each member of the couple should preferably
Have completely individual savings with some ammount of money
before making one account as a couple

3. They evetually should or must learn to share stuff with eachother
If not, argues are likely to occur.

4. Trust and respect are very important points!

5. Being faithful too. What is the point of marrying someone
If one of the members of the couple is unfaithful in anyway?
NOTE : By unfaithful I mean one who goes to online dating,
Chats with the point/goal of finding someone
Else EVEN if by a short term of time or multiple times
It is plain wrong!

6. More wrong is actually one getting envolved sexually
While married! Here comes the point of respect
Because the vows said something diferent.
Then trust appears as well as the other expected
probably better atitudes from you
AND MOSTLY, being the only One wanted,
Loved and cherished and never to be second or third, etc.

7. OTHER point... Lack of time
We all know that we have to work, we have to get a job
In order to be financely stable and in order to pay the bills...
And lack of time can happen.

" If it is all genuine,
It will stay strong despite of the lack of time ".

8. Routine can arrive in the relationship/marriage.
Yet, you can always surprise your partner
By going out to lunch or dinner somewhere new
Offering a gift once in a while or flowers...
Writing something for the partner, leaving small notes
Going somewhere quiet or going to the movies
OR making something diferent at home if both don't have money

9. MONEY isn't needed to spend great moments
With your significant other. Some creativity is.
You could try some new recipes together,
OR actually creating new recipes...
You can watch a movie in the confort of your home
By renting a movie.

(You could bring popcorns along
Or order a pizza)

10. Traveling. Be aware of priorities but if you can,
Save a little money for a trip somewhere near or not.
But by saving, I mean saving a only bit per month.
All the effort will be worth it.

11. Stimulate comunication too
(See post Relationships - Balance...)
By getting diferent subjects to talk about.
Going to diferent places CAN help you with talking more
Seeing new places actually CAN be fun!
(See post Walk, Walk, Walk)

For now these are my advices.
If I remember of anything else either
I or Wordskeeper shall add to the post.

Take care everyone!

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