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Relationships - Balance and Subjects

One more post, as requested regarding Relationships;
Forgive me in advance for the lack of posts here in Life Blog
Yet, sometimes I have too much work at hands
or reaching Internet is a little troubled.

Now getting to some subjects that ARE important in any relationship,
Whether it is Friendship, Love or Family relatives.

1) Listen
I know sometimes (at least it happens to me now and then)
You want to talk a lot

Especially if, like me you have the tiny problem of forgetting what you were talking about.

How do I solve this? I try my best to remember
In which part or point I was in the conversation

I think my friends got used to it, it isn't funny to forget stuff...
But oh well, I try to see something fun out of it,
Otherwise it would be a total bummer
To whoever was with me at the moment!
They help me remember…

As first, I do try to remember the subject and talk
Then I let the other person or persons in the group to talk
So I can see what exactly they think about x or y subject.
That is where it gets interesting.
Then the conversation can go on
Or we can skip/change to another subject
...If we all want or agree.

Believe me, there are two things about changing subjects…

Bright side:
There will be constantly a lot to talk about
And it might not get boring.

Negative part of it:
Changing conversation subjects too fast
Might get annoying often.

2) Talk
I am pretty sure that if people invited you or if you invited them
You want to hear from them and/or
They likely want to hear from you
So don't be afraid to talk
YET avoid making too much questions at the same time.

3) What to talk / write about?
It mostly depends of the person and of the occasion itself.

Daily basis subjects, school/work, culture/music and movies.
Best times to talk are when you go to any event,
Family gathering, museum, ect....
Or when you gather while on meals

(Mostly lunch and dinner because much people might be in a hurry while eating breakfast, specially if the person or persons go to work early morning)

Basics: when you start contact with someone whether
It is by writing or personally
Make basic questions to him/her…
I will try to give some tips, here!

Favorite band, singer, if he/she has ever went to a concert
Or saw a certain band live, movie soundtracks, favorite song,
most annoying or disliked songs,
show random music or bands and ask his/her opinion,
show music clips or videos,
new artists and bands (no matter which country they are from),
if you know how to play an instrument
show it and teach him/her with time and if he/she wants,…

If you are both from different cultures
or countries you can talk about your differences
in a healthy way without breaking into an argue.
It is all about the way you talk towards your friend
or even significant other.

Respect IS NEEDED above all in a conversation.

As for Culture… you can speak about Politics…
Yet if you think this is rather boring…
You can talk about the “good” and “less good”
In your country/city, the weather in a random way,
Plans for Summer or for School
(if you are reading me when school is about to start).

You can talk about books,
If he/she enjoys reading and what type of books/author,
Discuss a bit by trading different points of view.

You can learn his/her language and he/she can learn yours.
Then you can test each others knowledge
by doing some questions and tiny tests.

Other things, such as hobbies,
What the person enjoys doing during the free time.
Share daily basis subjects,
Like your day at school or at work.
Ask him/her the same.
Show that you truly care. <3 Cosmetics, beauty habits, ECT
Some enjoy talking about cosmetics,
beauty and fashion…depends of the person.


His/her favorite sport or favorite sports team/player;
Expectations for the championship….
If he/she practices or
would ever wish to practice any type of sport
if he/she had the chance.

What pets does he/she have now
and which ones would he/she like to have in the future?
What is your favorite animal/pet?
Have you ever been in a Zoo?
If so, what do you think of them?

NOTE : If I remember more subjects,
Either I or Wordskeeper shall add them
Here in this post.

Have a wonderful week...

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