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Job - Warning Signs

The sun shines over here and it isn't late so...
Good morning everyone :)

In this post I am going to speak about a very important subject
Because I do not want anyone to fall into any trap
Like I once did. Why?
Because I don't want you to go through it. <3

There are several signs that CAN help you a LOT
They appear simple but regardless of that I want you to know.
I know I have said some on another post about interviews and steps.

1) Beware while posting free ads on the Internet
Select only the most important information
AND be as clear as possible
about the job that you are searching for. 

2) Be careful about the information you give out.


A) Try to know more about the company, for instance,
If it is reliable by asking about it to someone
or checking about it online.

B) As I said on the other post , check the email of the person
Who sends you the job offer on Google OR other search engine
That can save you and spare you from the lies or problems.

C) Or even the name of the employer if you are suspecting even more.
That can make you see the activity on the Internet.

D) Check the way the employer wrote to you.
Too many typos, it is a warning!

E) Adress...
The person who calls you for an interview
MUST know where you have to go for the interview
Without hesitations NOR mistakes.

F) Being Polite.
If you are to have any collegues, check the way they are treated on that day.
And if they aren't, please reconsider for a while.

A) A unknown company is a bit dangerous at times checking online you can see feedbacks whether they are positive
Or negative such as frauds for example.

B) By checking you can see the usual offers from that person
There can be lies, you will never know.
For example one person has sent me an offer for a Secretary
And when I searched there was something for an Acompany Lady.
So when you confirm your suspicions DO NOT answer.       

C) I tell you about this because the person can be one that only wants to meet girls/boys, ect
And not one to actually offer you the job he/she "promissed".

D) A Employer can write well and has had some years in School, College or University
It is a Basic on Education. Please suspect if such happens.

E) It has no excuse.

F) This point helps you to reflect if the offer or company is the best for you.

Have a nice day <3 !

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