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Job - Safety and Tips

Hello and have a lovely week , readers!
While searching for a job, be aware of safety.

-- SAFETY --

1. When someone sends you a job offer, often try to put the email adress in Google
Or another Search Engine.
That way you can learn what type of offers that person
Or company often send out or publish on the Internet.
I saved myself from some offers that didn't matched what they told me AT ALL.
Better safe than sorry <3 2. Just send your resume or CV when you are sure And about to accept the job offer. If the person hasn't given much information, ask for it. Then search to see if the company is legitimate and decide. 3. Suspect of high payments specially when it isn't a very demanding job Nor a job that requires a lot of responsabilities. 4. Clear out any doubts you have with the company.  


1. Pay close attention to your phone or email adress after sending your resume
Because companies CAN contact you anytime.

2. When the company calls or contacts through email,
Take notes of the place, hour and day that the interview is going to happen.

3. Check prior the place where the interview is going to be
For that you can use Google Earth or Google Maps
So you won't get lost nor have any unpleasant surprises on the way.

4. Check prior about the company you are a candidate for.
Not only to see if it is a real and/or known company
But too, to be prepared for the interview
and know some stuff about the company when you get there.

5. Take someone with you if you want,
To go with you just near the adress.

6. Try to go a bit before the time set by the company
They evaluate that a lot, if you arrive in time
And if you go to the interview in the data set at all.

7. Other thing to mind is the way you get dressed in
Depends of the company.
But avoid slippers, tracksuits and open shoes for an interview
Look professional BUT not too formal.
Not too "sloppy" either. Just normal.

8. Bring along a suitcase or a organizer
Where you can bring...
+ Copies of your resume
(In case they need so OR in case you find a nearby store that needs staff)

+ Copies of volunteer proofs, courses, highschool OR college certificates
(Always good to bring along)

+ Either a small agenda OR clean A4/A5 format paper
(You will never know if you will need to take notes during the interview
OR if while you are on formation [typo?]).

Kind regards,

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