sábado, 20 de agosto de 2011

Job - Respect


I must say my "Current Job" post has some time already
So I am going to talk about my current job...
I basically call people and ask them to do surveys
Opinion surveys. It is like a Callcenter.

And we do such and maybe interviews personally too
But now I'm only doing on the phone
The payment isn't much either but it is something at least

We have several projects to go do surveys
and contact people from diferent parts of the country
for them to answer.

Basically it isn't sales BUT people think they are...
Another thing that occurs is that most people do NOT respect
Others that are working!

So my question would be :
Do I look like I like working every weekend
And even having to work today (Monday)
Which is an Holiday over here??

Well, NO. But it is my job...
But mostly what bothers me is that people laugh at me
OR make stupid excuses like
"No one is at home, you're talking with the cleaning lady"
"No one is at home (but someone answered the phone?)

OR say something such as...
Q : When would be the proper time to contact again?
A : I don't know, just keep trying! (Right...)

OR :
Q : Could I count with your colaboration in this study?
A : NO! (laughs)

OR :
(I finished talking)
Q (other person there) : Who is that?
A (from the person on the phone) : Just some girl. And hung up.

Some just hung up the phone without giving me the chance to talk
Or just hung up while I'm talking.

...I'm not forcing people to answer
But at least I would like some colaboration from them.
I was 4 hours with ONE survey done....
And that survey was incomplete in the middle.
I had to fill out the rest.

Now you shall know how frustrating that is a bit.
Then to brighten up my day there are like one or two persons on the phone
(No more than one or two) who talk a lot, that are really polite
Who answer the survey gladly. And for those I do like my work!

Why did I make this post?
As a "wake up" message. We all have to work for a living.
Whether is sales, surveys, do cleaning or being a waitress , ect...
Please respect the ones who work because they have to, to earn money
I guess it is pretty much it and I was venting too.

Note : Despite of any hatred or bad answer
Love your job as the only one you have
and as you are a lucky person to even have one.

At last but definately not least...
I shall leave this quote for you <3

Nobody can hurt me
without my permission.

Mahatma Gandhi

Blessed be!

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