domingo, 14 de agosto de 2011

Job - Interviews


Most frequent questions are...

1 ) Where did you heard about this company OR Why did you chose this company?

2 ) They are likely to ask about your qualities (plus)
and possible flaws (minus) at work.

3 ) They can ask about your hobbies or what do you do during your freetime
It just happened to me twice.

4 ) Why they must choose you?
(This one is meant to "highlight" you from the remaining candidates
It is a very important question)

The never do's

A ) Avoid speaking badly of other companies where you were at.

B ) Do not interupt the interviewer while he/she is talking.

C ) Avoid hesitating while answering.

D ) Avoid totally losing your eye contact or distract yourself
Or looking to other way.
(Reason ? Sometimes when people lie, they do that.
Interviewers evaluate a LOT the body language
And what you have to say, so please be careful)

E ) Make your remaining questions in the end.

F ) Avoid giving out the sugestion of the payment
Or throwing to the table how many $, £ or € you are going to earn.
Some do not like that, others accept.
I do that more for safety and only if they ask I give out a number
Not too high, not too low, just what is expected.

G ) Wait for an answer.
Either way, keep up your determination and confidence while searching for a job.


Good luck on getting a job!

Many blessings,

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