quarta-feira, 27 de julho de 2011

World - Crisis

I shall only show my opinion about this...
UE and over UE territory is sinking a bit.
It is like a chain reaction
First one country, then another.
Not long ago, my country was hit by that wave of crisis as well.
I have a sharp sense of justice regarding this
And I shall be honest to my readers as well :

The ones who spend and earn money ilegally are the ones to blame
Mostly politicians or the ones in big companies over here
And us, people and citizens are the ones who are paying a debt that isn't ours
We didn't asked for the debt. They did, though.

We, the housewives and simple people who work for a living
We,... that earn less and less...
How can we pay a super.huge.overwhelming debt?

I see the drastic situation of people
Who worked a "whole life" just to get tiny retirements
Results? Not enough money to pay for medical bills or house bills.
We see badly payed and awfully temporay jobs...
That is incredibly sad reality in some places.

In this part I wonder how can they sleep
After all the rise of transportation, food/supplies and bill taxes?

This moves me in many ways...
I see more and more beggars.

But to contradict all of this, I notice mores sales...
= to consume MORE than we can actually afford.
More credit cards,
Discounts to ease the sales and pockets

More credit cards??
Spending more, I guess...
More debts too...

I see more modern cars for the politicians,
And I see them throwing sand to our eyes...
How can this possibly happen?

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