domingo, 17 de julho de 2011

Support us !

Eventhough I am no professional in this,
I decided to try this out...
I'm still building up the banners...
New ideas, projects or sugestions are welcome!

-- Banners or Labels

OR Image link

This one seems more like a flyer to me.

OR Image link

-- Wallpapers...
For the wallpapers just click on the image you want
And right click "Save as..."

-- Badges
There will be two types of badge for Life Blog
More can be created eventually! ;)

More info at :
In this first website I believe you can buy it
And it is International

You wear it in your facebook picture profile
By installing the app.
Yet this badge isn't public yet, it is pending
Because it has no followers yet.
By 10 followers, the badge can be found in the search engine.

Or : Loja dos Pins (Portugal)
In case of this second one, it isn't expensive
Plus you can create your own badge.
To create your own Life Blog Supporter Badge
Just save as the image you want and adjust it on this website

Many blessings ! <3

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