sexta-feira, 8 de julho de 2011

Relationships - Forgeting someone

I know how tough it can be to give a lot of effort
In a relationship
(Whether it is a short or long term one)
and for it to somehow end
...Or has some bumps along the way.

But back to the subject
One of my friends sent me a small text/quote once...
A wise one... :

" It's like cutting a beautiful flower off while
it is still blooming and preserve it forever.
It's better to have these memories,
than feel disappointment when the "flower" withers.
As time passes you will sometimes
return to the memories when you are in the mood "

...I was in pain, I was seriously disappointed.
To be honest , I didn't believed in his words
Although his intention was the best.
And I knew it.

It just didn't seem....possible at that time.
At that current moment I was sinking.

Eventually, my friends were really caring
And understanding towards me
That helped a lot and made me get up again
From what looked like a dark pit.
Time passed and I read and re-read this quote...
And you know what? This boy was right!!

I preserve these memories indeed.
To who it may concern (if you ever concern)
Thank you for teaching me
For introducing me to your culture and space
For bringing life to me.
And that is it.

I want you all to please hold on
And actually aim for your goals,
Have ambition for what you believe is the best
And too, to read this girl's history!
Hold on and good luck, my dear reader! <3

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