terça-feira, 26 de julho de 2011

World - Tragedy in Oslo

My heart goes out to the 76 victims in Oslo
and in the island of Utoeya both situated in Norway
At the 22th of July.

As for the terrorist/responsible himself
(Who I think is Norwegian as well)
...I hope justice is done.

I still haven't exactly understood
What made him and what drove him
On making those horrid actions.
Only he knows by now.
Others can especulate about it.

Nothing can replace the loss of a loved one or grieve
some people in that country must be feeling.

I deeply respect the way that (even though only some)
Do not return the hatred.

Please, do not allow anger to destroy you.
Allow justice to be done... which I hope is done soon!
No one deserves their life to be taken away.
Kind regards, my prayers are with you.

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