domingo, 3 de julho de 2011

Motivation for the Masses! - Life´s Advice

My gifts for you...
Some might be in Portuguese.

1. Do not be afraid of failing
For in each failure and mistake, there is a lesson
For each failure, there will be a victory.

2. Always aim for your dreams
Regardles of dificulty

3. Love yourself as you love others.
Love others as you love yourself.

4. Bring joy and light to people's hearts.

5. Allow yourself to do at least
one great action today whether is for a family member,
a stranger or a friend.

6. Worship your God,
Respect your fellow brothers and sisters.

7. Respect the elderly
For they have much wisdom
And crossed either many paths and/or many lives.

8. Deny whatever insults or desrespects your Lord.

9. Believe in your path to happiness
Believe in your path to freedom.

NOTE : Path to Freedom I define as one
where and when the person puts down
his/her bad or dark habits behind.
That is why another one of my blogs
It is called Path to Freedom.

The "x" behind Path to Freedom
Is like "X" marking the spot.
"X" as ex...harmful things
That were abandoned
In order for a better life
And search for a greater goal.

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