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When a father turns into just another friend...

I recognize... it must not be easy to be a father. No baby is born with a manual telling their parents how to be a father and mother but if we think about it there are lots of people that turn into good parents.

Let's face it...you weren't a good father.

You never cared to respect your kids when they were young, you would often tell us to stop playing with cars and such to come to the living room where you were watching tv and be quiet, and if we did some noise we would have to go to bed.

Your love demonstration would be sitting quietly in your lap while you watched tv or played tetris. You always tried to make us show some love when You wanted and never when we wanted. The silence was terrible, specially to my brother, since he wasn't the quiet type like me.

I don't remember you playing with us on the floor or helping in school or such. I was told you did that when I was very young. I don't remember it.

You never taught me how life was, all the common things a father should teach his son. You never taught me how to shave, never taught me about girls, about the changes in my body, about relationships. I had to find a father in my mother and family.

You did teach me some thigs... specially what not to do when I am a father. For that I thank you.

You were not a great husband too, you hurt my mother, you cheated on her and almost made a slave of her (she had to do everything for you while you were sitting and playing). For that I thank you too because now I know what not to do when I grow up.

I tried, I really tried to forget all you did, all the lies and all the indifference to our problems. That was hurting me, because I didn't want to hurt you. Sorry, I had to have that talk with you. Now I said it all, but we are going apart.

I am truly sorry that this happened but I couldn't be constantly hurted by this.

You are slowly, turning in some kind of friend. I still love you as a father...but do not see you as a father. You changed a lot in this last 10 years... You did... but not with us and not for us.

I do want you to know that, even after all this, you can always count on me.

Let's end this with a song about a father and son, called "Father and Son" by Cat Stevens

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