sábado, 18 de junho de 2011

Updates and Helping - Life´s Advice

Hello everyone :D!
I hope you are all okay
I'm feeling rather nostalgic today
Listening to some music from my country
(Which is rather rare)

So my update is that I'm currently searching for a new job
But my other decision is that I want to become a volunteer.
I have been searching for places and offices
Near the place where I live
In order not to spend much in transportation.
That way I could walk to the place.
I'm planning to be a volunteer during the weekend
And work during the other days.

It is my current decision
I am at the moment sending some resumés
in the hope of getting at least one call
One call. It is that dificult nowadays...
But I am not going to give up :D!

" A Life lived for others
Is a life worth living "

-- Unknown

May it make me feel more complete and helpful.
May it bring more wisdom to me.

And you...
...Blessed be. (L)

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