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Other - Message of Hope

My Comment....

Sy0592 :
This song..says so much
My story is that I was born at 5 months instead of 9
And due to all that my way of walking..
my feet aren't exactly straight ..
So i've been bullied over 8 yrs due to that mostly
Now finished school..
Got over cutting..but self esteem is a big mess.
Had a big deception..
I don't feel after a year that I got over that
I have depression too...
I have thoughts and a broken hope.
People tell me to forget, it's not that easy..
Any advice?
*Not here to hate but to help...

Replies :

1. @Sy0592 i know things get messy especially in HS
and i had 3 years of low self esteem bc of highschool.
but look at who you are in Christ.
prayer is key to beating this.
pray to God and be immersed
for the remission of your sins
and recieve the holy spirit
and allow God to work in you !
God bless

2. @Sy0592 God Bless you Sy0592.
He(God) has plans for you.
And all of those are for you.
You just have to wait and look deeper.
Do not be depressed, just look around you.
Look how beautiful you are,
and how beautiful this world is.

3. @Sy0592 it may not be easy to forget
the bad in your life.
but with God's help
you can get over what has happened.
i've had a problem with lying
to my dad and almost lost relationship
with him but he forgave me.
but after that i was afraid of going to Hell
because i lied and wasn't sure if God
was going to forgive me.
but with a little prayer and faith
i knew that God would fogive me.

4. @Sy0592
You are one of the Walking Wounded
(search Walking Wounded - by Don Francisco,
Jesus wants to save you.
If you search real love, seek it by Jesus Christ!

5. @Sy0592 see also video:
Walking Wounden by Don Francisco


Beauty from pain - superchick
(or other songs by Superchick)

Esterlyn - Kill Your Own Despair

Testimony (by Ravi Zacharias or Paul Washer)

search for testimonies of people being saved.

6. @Sy0592 Give up trying to do anything by yourself.
Just come to a lonely place and cry for God's help.
Bas things happen so that we can come closer to God,
I've learned that from the bible
and God's making this true in my life too.
He says "You'll have afflictions in this world,
but cheer up, I won the world!"
and also "For I know the plans I have to you,
plans of peace, not to hurt you,
to give you the future you hope for."
Seek God, you'll find him
and He'll make things right, in the mean time

7. @Sy0592 here's a verse that might help. Isaiah 45:1-3

8. @Sy0592 im sorry for what u've been going thru.
do u go to church?
if u dont, i strongly suggest that u do.
that'll heal u.
read the Bible as u would read any other book.
PRAY! ask God to show Himself to you!!!
He will...trust me :)
i recently lost sight of God in my life
but now i have Him back in my thoughts
and i couldnt be happier(:
u r in my prayers
and im so sorry for wat u went thru :(
also check out the video "beautiful history" by plumb
bcuz its truly a beautiful song that will help u.

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