sexta-feira, 24 de junho de 2011

Inspiring Songs X

Here there are two musics from a Finland's Power Metal band called Stratovarius

First song is "Stratovarius - Infinity"

The lyrics are included in the video, but i'll leave some parts here :)

"How much more do we want until we're satisfied?
What happens when we have what we want?
Acquiring more, still there's never enough
We forget those who really are in need"


"Be yourself and do what you want to do with your life
Remember, you get just what you give
You reap all what you sow
You are in charge of your own life"

The second song is "Stratovarius - Paradise"

As usual lyrics are on screen but here are some parts of it ;)

"Many rare species will perish soon
And we'll be short on food
Why do we have to be so selfish
We've got to change our attitude"


"It seems to me that there's no sense at all
Nobody cares it's always the same
Mother nature's crying out in pain
I know we're the one's to blame "

I hope everyone likes it!

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