segunda-feira, 13 de junho de 2011

Don't be Alone!

For so long my life was full of shadows.

I was down, alone in the dark, hope was running out...
The vision of a life without love, a life without meaning
was draining a lot of the hope I still had.

But then, on a sunny morning I had someone adding me
on a social website.
How? Well... life can be funny! It was a friend of my brother,
that then added my mother and finnally added me.
I met Life that day.

I met Life and then, slowly, the sun started shinning in the
deep hole I was living. She helped me! A lot!

Having a friend that you can count with can change everything!
Don't keep all the pain to yourself! Talk about it with someone
you trust. Free yourself from all the pain inside by talking
about it!

It is hard! It won't be easy... but if that person is really your friend,
that person will understand and make you feel better.
For years I kept it to myself and wore a mask showing everyone I was ok. I was not ok.
I met Life! I shared my story. She helped a lot

Thanks Life for bringing life to my life!

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