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Weightless - Life´s Advice

" It is NOT about watching Life taking her way.
It is NOT about watching it all crumble or bloom.
IT is about taking action and doing something about it "

-- Life

[...] Because YOU CAN take out everything
That gives you that extra weight...
And when I talk on that extra weight

I mean as everything that bothers
Anything that is keeping you from obtaining the inner peace
You so much want and so much seek.
Seek no longer, just... embrace it.
Our unfailing love is with you. (L)

1. Do not hide your flaws, embrace them.
No one is perfect, so why pretend to be something you are not?

2. One who you can show your true self to, is your ally...
Whether is a friend, a family member or a lover.

3. Cut from the root what is bothering you, if possible.
Never aim for revenge, though.

- A friend?
You are not forced to talk to him/her...

- A boyfriend/girlfriend?
Maybe it is time to snap and think you deserve better
Or a dialogue/change of atitudes is required.

4. Do not leave for tomorrow what YOU CAN do today.

5. Self confidence is key, yet do not be overconfident.

6. No matter how much it harms, say the truth.
Lying once, makes you lie more, it won't bring you peace.
So please avoid it...

7. Give at least 15 up to 20 minutes for yourself
With that time you may read, meditate,
Stretch your body in bed or a couch,
Do liftups or a bit of aerobics.
Forbid yourself from tecnology in that time .
Those minutes are for YOU, so treasure them :)

8. A walk per day is adviced.
There is often the temptation to stay at home
Grab some snacks, being around the TV or PC
Well...it is time to say NO.
I am aware, as someone who has depression
That it is dificult to even do the simple things.
But there is no excuse, so work on this ;)

9. A Life lived for others is a life worth living
But do not forget your own. (L)

10. Try to join the scouts for further independence
Try to join a youth group for social connections.
Try to join a sport team for social connections/sport practice.
Try to join a church group or praying to reach to God.
(tho I believe no church is needed to reach the Heavenly Father)

11. Do not fear the unnexpected nor the consequences.
Both are possible, keep a close eye on it
But never ever hold yourself back. (L)

12. Introduce yourself...
- To Relaxing Tecnics such as Meditation,
Reiki in order to improve and find your inner self...
- To Martial Arts such as Kickboxing, Karate...
Or gymnatics such as Ballet and Dance
To improve yourself and outter shell.

- Being a voluntaire to give out the love you have for others.
Help others and they shall thank you
Even if only with a smile on their faces.
It is worth it!

13. Is there anything you have done
That you think that's unforgivable?
Justice takes its course indeed. Karma too.
BUT it is forgivable as long as your apologizes, regret, ect
Are true. Either way , God is there to listen and witness.

14. I believe in a nearly mirror effect.
Treat others as you would treat yourself
Be kind and that is likely to be reflected.

15. Aim for your dreams and cross out the negative words.
There is no failure, no quitting, no cannot do's
There are "no" but our aim is to fight for the yes.
A lesson awaits you always. (L)
A notebook is good to stablish your goals,
Write down your favorite or motivational quotes
Or most treasure advices / memories.

16. Only reach for the Past if it is worth it.
Otherwise, let it be.
As I said, a brighter future awaits you.

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