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Walk, Walk, Walk ! - Life´s Advice

This one wasn't exactly my idea
So I'm going to thank the person who originally gave me it
(You know who you are!)

1. Choose a place
Google Maps in Google is a good website to search for such places
Even more fun is going out and actually exploring, looking around you
And looking for new places.

2. Garden/Forest OR Beach?
Some people like gardens/forest type of environments
Others apreciate beach and so.
What I think it's more important is that you are actually in peace
And that the place brings harmony.

3. Apreciate the Little things...
The birds singing, the ducks swimming
Smooth music around you
Or the Nature's sound only.

4. Be problems free...
I know this point four is tough to achieve
But try not to focus on what you SHOULD do next
Or what is TROUBLING you.
You are priority at that moment.

5. Going alone or acompanied?
It depends. If you think the day asks
For a time to be alone and focussed on the SELF
Then go by your own.
But we all know how healthy a friend to talk is
Laughing helps, social contact is precious as well.

6. Do not see walking as a obligation or like a TO DO.
Walk with pleasure. Walk with confidence.
Walk like tomorrow you won't feel a thing. :)

7. Walking helps your health.
According to some of my readings and studying
Depression is less after walking and exercising
Your body will thank you too.

8. Jogging
Jogging is actually an advice for some
So... for those who might be interested or that can do

NOTE! : Maybe it would be adviced as a first to get yourself
Checked in a doctor/by a professional and get his/her approval
For some sports practice. (L)


After following the NOTE text...
As for material...
- Tracking Suit
(For you to be confortable and movement free)

- A extra change of clothes
(After exercise if you have a restroom nearby to get changed
Or you can do so combined with a shower at home)

- A bottle or two of fresh water
(Water is very important therefore I advice you
To carry so in your bag if you can)

- Confortable shoes
(If you are to walk or do jogging
Confortable shoes are needed
For the health of your feet
And for your own health
If isn't corfortable
BAD shoes can give you blisters,
Red/swoolen feet and bring you pain!).

Good luck and have a nice weekend,

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