terça-feira, 31 de maio de 2011

Suicide - Closer look at...

Good morning dear reader.
After some time I decided to finally pick up
And write this post out...
As someone who did in the most desperate times of her life
To end her life, I shall talk about this...

It has nothing of glamorous.
It is a secret thought, a obcession, even.
I saw myself falling apart.
I studied a lot eventually, on the good and bad
I checked multiple books and so...
The afterwards, the reactions,
The possibility of either death/recovery/side effects ect.

They are ALL horrible, bloody, gory...
As you may want to call it...
It can all go terribly wrong and you know it.
Whether is as attempting OR as being unexpectfully rescued
OR found! The shock, the trauma that can happen most likely
To the loved ones...the condition you could be find in...
It CAN be worse than what you think or CAN EVER EXPECT.

Some say it's selfish...others as a "BAD way out".
And don't think you aren't loved.

And once you are dead, that's it......
- What about God? You're His child.
- What about your family?
- What about your friends?
- What about your pet[s]?
- What about the things you enjoyed...?

Think carefully and don't go.
Don't go for that choice.
Don't go for those destructive thoughts.

Love. Laugh. Dance. Sing. Write. Draw. LIVE.
Much light and prayers ,

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