terça-feira, 10 de maio de 2011

Relationships - Moving On

There comes a time when loving isn't enough alone
Argues occur...diferences become overwhelming
Too much to handle...and it comes to an End.

That end is really hard to handle
At least for me. I can't lie,
I got involved in the promises
I thought he was the one....
I got attached and fell in love with that boy.
For two years...

No matter if the words were truth or lies
No matter if the vows and promises
Weren't meant to last forever.
Mine were... Grieve struck me.

I realize that crying won't make him come back
Or turn back on his decision.
I learned that in Life, nothing is certain
I am hurt, I recognize and shown my pain in so many ways
In both positive and negative ways...
I can't say I'm fully recovered

As I must face it...he has a place in my heart
Regardless of what happened between us
Regardless of the distance in between
Regardless of the countless argues.

But I just can't...
I must let go
Because holding tight to your memory
Hearing songs and seing your pictures
Will only make my feelings of sadness and misery worse.
Would be triggers... AND I can't...

I cannot bow and let myself get this affected
I cannot allow to get hurt this way and deeply
I must shield myself...and start moving on

And songs like this...
Help me along the way.
Therefore I'm leaving these videos
For you to take a listen.
I hope it can be as helpful as it was for me.

God bless...and take care...

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