segunda-feira, 30 de maio de 2011

Random facts about Life ...

1. I am a human being just like you
Female. I will not reveal my age around here though.

2. I learned that we have to respect to be respected
(Mirror Effect)

3. "Love is not when you feel only pain",
Song lyrics can say a lot.
If you see love causes you only pain and misery,
Why not move on?

4. I believe in Karma.
I am a believer of love, when many can think it is impossible.
If it is meant to be , it will happen. (L)

5. I firmly believe in God. (L)

6. It is the first time I'm living, or so I believe.

7. I believe that THERE is something after life
It is not a closed cycle.

8. Strawberry and Rose scented-oil to burn
Are my favorite scents
Sweet Zara and Coconut from Casa dos Aromas,
Are my fragrances. Grass and the beach breeze
Are my favorite nature scents.

9. I believe that in helping others and giving much love
That we get closer to God, light and closer to our purpose.

10. I believe in love
Whether it's between people of the same or opposite genders.
I believe in love at first sight and love from far away.
I do not suport lust, though...

11. Love should be seen in the heart.
Love should be seen in the inner self.
If seen on body and face,
They are not likely to last that long
People age and change, hearts and true love, do not.

12. She absolutely LOVES Sushi.
Carbonara Pasta
Duck rice and Salads,
She likes them too!

13. Even if my Life is cut short, I carry no regrets
If I ever have something to say, read this blog
Then you will find out, I have said it all.

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