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The Notebook - Life´s Advice

Have at long last a grip on your life
Let not be controlled by it...

1. Why a Notebook? (Chapter I)
You can choose a little notebook , smaller than A5 (like an agenda)
Or A5, A4 format...as you prefer.
I'm just saying a small notebook in order for it to be able to carry everywhere
In your purse or schoolbag, whenever you need it.

2. If your creative and handy in crafts and arts, you can even make your own notebook.
There might be quite some good videos in Youtube or How to , teaching so.
As for paper, you can try to recycle paper.
It might take some time, but it would be completely environment friendly ;)

3. Personalize it! :D
Give it a personal touch. It is your notebook :)
By that in the first page you can do a drawing or too,
Write a dedicatory or even a quote made/adapted by yourself
Mine is...

"Where many fail and fall...
I'll stand and SUCEED"

-- Written by Life , 2008/2009.

4. Why a Notebook? (Chapter II)
I consider if you take a little time to take notes it does help your memory
It makes you distract from other stuff.
It helps you organize and have some guidelines for and through out the day.

5. Quote it... :D
It is my personal favorite.
Poets, Writters, wise and motivational quotes.
Write them on the notebook and re-read the quotes whenever you need or feel like so.
I shall leave some quotes around the blog and through out the blog.

6. Put data in it...
For example : Day 1 , DD/MM/YYYY...
Below the plans you have for the day...
-- Plans / Goals
-- Quote of the Day
-- Expectations
-- What was achieved

7. Again, negativity is NOT allowed in this notebook.
For writting out your fears, regrets and inner feelings
I would mainly advice to write a journal
(Webs.com and Blogger are free and you can keep them private)
Or talk with a trustworthy / understanding friend.
It can do wonders.

8. Why a Notebook? (Final Chapter)
It was a advice from my psychologist in 2008 up to 2009.
Through out three years she was with me in each appointment
Which I'll maybe write about, later on.

[...] It would make me happy to write
The good moments on my life.
That is one of the main goals.
To cherish the good in life.
The good IN you.

And re-reading can hopefully lighten up your eyes
To brand new Hope. Because hope exists and solutions do.

I understand it is hard,
The road is troubled yet I know you will obtain balance.
You will be free from the voices
And ghosts that for long haunt you
You shall put them them aside.

It is not knowing, it is so much more!
It is about being sure.
And I am sure of that! (L)

I believe in you and I am sure you're stronger
Than whatever situation you're struggling with.
It will be temporary and much strength and wisdom will be gained.
Never think otherwise, please.

May you be blessed...
My prayers shall be with you.

Kind regards.

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