segunda-feira, 16 de maio de 2011

The Mirror -- Salvation

The Mirror -- Salvation

Sit down...
Breathe in and relax...
Let the melody take over you.
Put the problems aside for just once

Drop whatever harms you
As I do not want you to be harmed in anyway
Not your heart, not your body or anything.

Confess yourself
He listens and you are not alone.
Value the simple things.
His love shall not fail nor dim...

Yet, little Angel, do not let yourself be underestimated
Do not allow be or feel unloved and unhappy
Keep being faithful to who you are no matter what
That essence, that inner You

Let it not be wasted.
Let it not be washed away.
He and I shall stand beside you
Here or somewhere else...

At long last,
Learn to forgive
Embrace the reflection in the mirror

As the girl or boy that reflects has beauty within
And bow down to what God has to offer to you
You will know you are not to be let down nor behind.

Note : You can read this note anytime,
Even everyday if you want so
Or whenever you need it.
Calm background music is a sugestion too.

Take best of care,

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