domingo, 1 de maio de 2011

Depression - A Closer Look at....

Depression isn't always seen as a serious mental illness,
That's what it makes it so dangerous.
But it has some signs
Which people could pay attention to, such as :

- Withdrawal, isolation from others,
- Loss of Interest in activities previously enjoyed,
- Loss or Weight gain
- Self Harm

Pay attention to any case of
- Loss of loved ones / Breakup
- Eating Disorders
- Bullying, violence
- Self Harm (besides cutting, others too)
- Changes in personality, grades,
Relationships or atitude towards others.
- Certain expressions regarding death/disapearing, ect.
- Diferent patterns of sleeping
(less OR more sleeping than usual, insomnia)
- Suicide attempts OR letters

I believe I already wrote some articles and texts regarding so
Yet, it is not too much to talk about it.
How do I know? I have depression myself.
Depression IS way MORE than being sad.
It is NOT being dramatic. It is NOT being sad 24/7 on purpose.

I was a happy person in the past.
That is a fact.

This can happen to anyone even to someone who you can least expect
Not only the person with a diferent style
OR the person almost without friends.
Even the person who seemed...happy or funny
Some can even be suffering in silence.

Who knows? Maybe the popular person, crowded with friends...
AND some only gather all the pieces of the puzzle
When it's too late. It can affect ANYONE
Regardless of beauty, gender, country.

Since 2008 it was given to me this warning.
I studied about this and got informed
And after those situations...
Did I became one of them? NO! it isn't always the way.
I gained the capacity to understand MORE others
To be TOLERANT. I used so, to HELP other people.

NOTE : Some cases or signs can go on unnoticed
That is why I'm writing this.
It is never too much.
School years CAN be tough.

That's why the support
and awareness on family members is NECESSARY.
And I made it through it with barely having support.
Believe me, IT IS less painful
IF that caring atitude and support exists!

So, if people start thinking a bit more about others
IF people start being more receptive to diferences
IT can definately MAKE A DIFERENCE (L)

And believe me :
There aren't just statistics although
numbers speak for themselves in a worldwide scale.
Many deaths...those personal tragedies CAN be avoided.
It starts in you, me, in each one of US. (L)

Many blessings,

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