segunda-feira, 9 de maio de 2011

A Closer look at ED's - ANA and MIA

I reflected a bit about this subject
And I thought carefully before posting anything
Again, all the content belongs to their rightful owners

Videos :

*Trigger warning*
Due to the images you are likely about to see.
Why did I posted here?
As I stated above and much across the blog
Awareness purposes ONLY.


(One of the hardest clips I saw)

(PART 1)

(PART 2)


(A Channel which purpose is RECOVERY)

(I saw this video today...has some lessons in it)

(I checked out this blog a bit
and I found it interesting)

NOTE! : There is nothing beautiful nor glamorous in this
It can all start with a diet or with some pills
And it can all slip away and get out of hand.
I am sure that many girls are struggling with this
Others are recovering.

OR even considering.
That is why the sharing on the videos too...
I shall write more about this, certainly.

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