segunda-feira, 16 de maio de 2011

About Praying...

I am a Christian person,
Yet for me it is never enough to see or know
Other religions and traditions
...One thing to keep in mind is
Respecting others in order to be respected.
Therefore I shall respect yours (L)

As for praying...
Some use the Bible or Coran,
Some use a rosary or no symbols at all...
Others read or recite salms...
As for me I have this mini Bible in ways

I used to read the salms in silence...
I normally do not go to Church
Not only because I do not have much time
Plus Depression can drain your will and energies away.

I believe that forgiveness can be felt
I believe that if you learn to forgive
If you learn to let go of stress
And if you praise/balance your sleeping pattern
That it is or it will be good for your inner balance
You may not notice it right in the first time
BUT with time you shall see results.

It is not about carrying wealth
It is not about gold and money
It is about our actions, the love we give
Those eventually bring us closer to God
Or Gods in case you believe in more than one

Consider God as unconditional love
One that does not fail...
You can consider (as many consider) God to be like a father.
A heavenly Father.

People often do consider other persons,
Such as fellow Christians (or Islamic, Jews, etc...)
As brothers and/or sisters.
I consider my relationship with God more as a close friend
Who knows my problems, my secrets and my sins
Who can see and hear me
Who I can talk with and leave my secrets with
In the quiet nights.

This is what I believe in
In which you have the option of agreeing
Or disagreeing. It is your option.

Kind regards,

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