terça-feira, 31 de maio de 2011

Suicide - Closer look at...

Good morning dear reader.
After some time I decided to finally pick up
And write this post out...
As someone who did in the most desperate times of her life
To end her life, I shall talk about this...

It has nothing of glamorous.
It is a secret thought, a obcession, even.
I saw myself falling apart.
I studied a lot eventually, on the good and bad
I checked multiple books and so...
The afterwards, the reactions,
The possibility of either death/recovery/side effects ect.

They are ALL horrible, bloody, gory...
As you may want to call it...
It can all go terribly wrong and you know it.
Whether is as attempting OR as being unexpectfully rescued
OR found! The shock, the trauma that can happen most likely
To the loved ones...the condition you could be find in...
It CAN be worse than what you think or CAN EVER EXPECT.

Some say it's selfish...others as a "BAD way out".
And don't think you aren't loved.

And once you are dead, that's it......
- What about God? You're His child.
- What about your family?
- What about your friends?
- What about your pet[s]?
- What about the things you enjoyed...?

Think carefully and don't go.
Don't go for that choice.
Don't go for those destructive thoughts.

Love. Laugh. Dance. Sing. Write. Draw. LIVE.
Much light and prayers ,

segunda-feira, 30 de maio de 2011

Random facts about Life ...

1. I am a human being just like you
Female. I will not reveal my age around here though.

2. I learned that we have to respect to be respected
(Mirror Effect)

3. "Love is not when you feel only pain",
Song lyrics can say a lot.
If you see love causes you only pain and misery,
Why not move on?

4. I believe in Karma.
I am a believer of love, when many can think it is impossible.
If it is meant to be , it will happen. (L)

5. I firmly believe in God. (L)

6. It is the first time I'm living, or so I believe.

7. I believe that THERE is something after life
It is not a closed cycle.

8. Strawberry and Rose scented-oil to burn
Are my favorite scents
Sweet Zara and Coconut from Casa dos Aromas,
Are my fragrances. Grass and the beach breeze
Are my favorite nature scents.

9. I believe that in helping others and giving much love
That we get closer to God, light and closer to our purpose.

10. I believe in love
Whether it's between people of the same or opposite genders.
I believe in love at first sight and love from far away.
I do not suport lust, though...

11. Love should be seen in the heart.
Love should be seen in the inner self.
If seen on body and face,
They are not likely to last that long
People age and change, hearts and true love, do not.

12. She absolutely LOVES Sushi.
Carbonara Pasta
Duck rice and Salads,
She likes them too!

13. Even if my Life is cut short, I carry no regrets
If I ever have something to say, read this blog
Then you will find out, I have said it all.

Life - Once upon a time...

There was this girl...

Taught on how to hate herself...
She learned how to fight back.
(We fight back our enemies, by suceeding.
Reach for your goals, even if you think they're high.
They won't be).

Was forced to see failure...
Yet she destroyed it and aimed for victory!
(There is no failure, just lack of trying)

Saw disease...
Yet she healed her demons away!

Saw suicide in many corners...
Yet she found a proper exit.
To keep on LIVING for the ones who love her!
(We all deserve to live)

Was forced NOT to belief
She has found Him once again.
She doesn't need much more...

My faith is my shield...
God is my Father...
Love is enough.

God bless.

sábado, 28 de maio de 2011

Walk, Walk, Walk ! - Life´s Advice

This one wasn't exactly my idea
So I'm going to thank the person who originally gave me it
(You know who you are!)

1. Choose a place
Google Maps in Google is a good website to search for such places
Even more fun is going out and actually exploring, looking around you
And looking for new places.

2. Garden/Forest OR Beach?
Some people like gardens/forest type of environments
Others apreciate beach and so.
What I think it's more important is that you are actually in peace
And that the place brings harmony.

3. Apreciate the Little things...
The birds singing, the ducks swimming
Smooth music around you
Or the Nature's sound only.

4. Be problems free...
I know this point four is tough to achieve
But try not to focus on what you SHOULD do next
Or what is TROUBLING you.
You are priority at that moment.

5. Going alone or acompanied?
It depends. If you think the day asks
For a time to be alone and focussed on the SELF
Then go by your own.
But we all know how healthy a friend to talk is
Laughing helps, social contact is precious as well.

6. Do not see walking as a obligation or like a TO DO.
Walk with pleasure. Walk with confidence.
Walk like tomorrow you won't feel a thing. :)

7. Walking helps your health.
According to some of my readings and studying
Depression is less after walking and exercising
Your body will thank you too.

8. Jogging
Jogging is actually an advice for some
So... for those who might be interested or that can do

NOTE! : Maybe it would be adviced as a first to get yourself
Checked in a doctor/by a professional and get his/her approval
For some sports practice. (L)


After following the NOTE text...
As for material...
- Tracking Suit
(For you to be confortable and movement free)

- A extra change of clothes
(After exercise if you have a restroom nearby to get changed
Or you can do so combined with a shower at home)

- A bottle or two of fresh water
(Water is very important therefore I advice you
To carry so in your bag if you can)

- Confortable shoes
(If you are to walk or do jogging
Confortable shoes are needed
For the health of your feet
And for your own health
If isn't corfortable
BAD shoes can give you blisters,
Red/swoolen feet and bring you pain!).

Good luck and have a nice weekend,

quinta-feira, 26 de maio de 2011

The Notebook - Life´s Advice

Have at long last a grip on your life
Let not be controlled by it...

1. Why a Notebook? (Chapter I)
You can choose a little notebook , smaller than A5 (like an agenda)
Or A5, A4 format...as you prefer.
I'm just saying a small notebook in order for it to be able to carry everywhere
In your purse or schoolbag, whenever you need it.

2. If your creative and handy in crafts and arts, you can even make your own notebook.
There might be quite some good videos in Youtube or How to , teaching so.
As for paper, you can try to recycle paper.
It might take some time, but it would be completely environment friendly ;)

3. Personalize it! :D
Give it a personal touch. It is your notebook :)
By that in the first page you can do a drawing or too,
Write a dedicatory or even a quote made/adapted by yourself
Mine is...

"Where many fail and fall...
I'll stand and SUCEED"

-- Written by Life , 2008/2009.

4. Why a Notebook? (Chapter II)
I consider if you take a little time to take notes it does help your memory
It makes you distract from other stuff.
It helps you organize and have some guidelines for and through out the day.

5. Quote it... :D
It is my personal favorite.
Poets, Writters, wise and motivational quotes.
Write them on the notebook and re-read the quotes whenever you need or feel like so.
I shall leave some quotes around the blog and through out the blog.

6. Put data in it...
For example : Day 1 , DD/MM/YYYY...
Below the plans you have for the day...
-- Plans / Goals
-- Quote of the Day
-- Expectations
-- What was achieved

7. Again, negativity is NOT allowed in this notebook.
For writting out your fears, regrets and inner feelings
I would mainly advice to write a journal
(Webs.com and Blogger are free and you can keep them private)
Or talk with a trustworthy / understanding friend.
It can do wonders.

8. Why a Notebook? (Final Chapter)
It was a advice from my psychologist in 2008 up to 2009.
Through out three years she was with me in each appointment
Which I'll maybe write about, later on.

[...] It would make me happy to write
The good moments on my life.
That is one of the main goals.
To cherish the good in life.
The good IN you.

And re-reading can hopefully lighten up your eyes
To brand new Hope. Because hope exists and solutions do.

I understand it is hard,
The road is troubled yet I know you will obtain balance.
You will be free from the voices
And ghosts that for long haunt you
You shall put them them aside.

It is not knowing, it is so much more!
It is about being sure.
And I am sure of that! (L)

I believe in you and I am sure you're stronger
Than whatever situation you're struggling with.
It will be temporary and much strength and wisdom will be gained.
Never think otherwise, please.

May you be blessed...
My prayers shall be with you.

Kind regards.

terça-feira, 24 de maio de 2011

Weightless - Life´s Advice

" It is NOT about watching Life taking her way.
It is NOT about watching it all crumble or bloom.
IT is about taking action and doing something about it "

-- Life

[...] Because YOU CAN take out everything
That gives you that extra weight...
And when I talk on that extra weight

I mean as everything that bothers
Anything that is keeping you from obtaining the inner peace
You so much want and so much seek.
Seek no longer, just... embrace it.
Our unfailing love is with you. (L)

1. Do not hide your flaws, embrace them.
No one is perfect, so why pretend to be something you are not?

2. One who you can show your true self to, is your ally...
Whether is a friend, a family member or a lover.

3. Cut from the root what is bothering you, if possible.
Never aim for revenge, though.

- A friend?
You are not forced to talk to him/her...

- A boyfriend/girlfriend?
Maybe it is time to snap and think you deserve better
Or a dialogue/change of atitudes is required.

4. Do not leave for tomorrow what YOU CAN do today.

5. Self confidence is key, yet do not be overconfident.

6. No matter how much it harms, say the truth.
Lying once, makes you lie more, it won't bring you peace.
So please avoid it...

7. Give at least 15 up to 20 minutes for yourself
With that time you may read, meditate,
Stretch your body in bed or a couch,
Do liftups or a bit of aerobics.
Forbid yourself from tecnology in that time .
Those minutes are for YOU, so treasure them :)

8. A walk per day is adviced.
There is often the temptation to stay at home
Grab some snacks, being around the TV or PC
Well...it is time to say NO.
I am aware, as someone who has depression
That it is dificult to even do the simple things.
But there is no excuse, so work on this ;)

9. A Life lived for others is a life worth living
But do not forget your own. (L)

10. Try to join the scouts for further independence
Try to join a youth group for social connections.
Try to join a sport team for social connections/sport practice.
Try to join a church group or praying to reach to God.
(tho I believe no church is needed to reach the Heavenly Father)

11. Do not fear the unnexpected nor the consequences.
Both are possible, keep a close eye on it
But never ever hold yourself back. (L)

12. Introduce yourself...
- To Relaxing Tecnics such as Meditation,
Reiki in order to improve and find your inner self...
- To Martial Arts such as Kickboxing, Karate...
Or gymnatics such as Ballet and Dance
To improve yourself and outter shell.

- Being a voluntaire to give out the love you have for others.
Help others and they shall thank you
Even if only with a smile on their faces.
It is worth it!

13. Is there anything you have done
That you think that's unforgivable?
Justice takes its course indeed. Karma too.
BUT it is forgivable as long as your apologizes, regret, ect
Are true. Either way , God is there to listen and witness.

14. I believe in a nearly mirror effect.
Treat others as you would treat yourself
Be kind and that is likely to be reflected.

15. Aim for your dreams and cross out the negative words.
There is no failure, no quitting, no cannot do's
There are "no" but our aim is to fight for the yes.
A lesson awaits you always. (L)
A notebook is good to stablish your goals,
Write down your favorite or motivational quotes
Or most treasure advices / memories.

16. Only reach for the Past if it is worth it.
Otherwise, let it be.
As I said, a brighter future awaits you.

segunda-feira, 23 de maio de 2011

Daily Meditation

I do not claim this as my own ;
The content, video and image belong to their rightful author
From Youtube, user Icarus3ak.

Comment by author :
Think of meditation as if your mind was a train station.
Thoughts are like trains, they come into the station.
However as soon as one comes in let it go back out again.
Don't dwell on it.

Slow your breathing down.
Let's say, inhale for 8 secs and exhale for 10.

Watch the video or don't.
Some people find the image creepy or bothersome.
Others like it and use it as a focal point.
If it bothers you then close your eyes and listen to the music.

Quite enlightning :)
Thank you for sharing**

Reinventing Yourself

I want you to be like one butterfly
You are about to become someone new
Let go of the Past and any pride...
Pain is worthless
Put your efforts for a bright Future to come.
Look always ahead of you.

Do not allow the chains of your previous self to contain you
Do not allow pessimism and sadness to push you
It is possible to renew, redeem and succeed.
p.s. This song is for you
If you're hopefully reading...

(L) Have a wonderful day... *

segunda-feira, 16 de maio de 2011

Salms and Misc

~ Prayers...

Oração de São Francisco de Assis (BR)
(Prayer of St. Francis of Assis)

Oração de Rupert Mayer (EN)
(Prayer of Rupert Mayer)

Prece de Caritas (BR)
(Prayer of Caritas)

~ Videos to reflect on...

Salm 23 -- (BR)

~ Salms

1. "The LORD is my strength and my shield;
My heart trusts in him, and I am helped.
My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to him in song".

2. "The precepts of the Lord are right, giving joy to the heart.
The commands of the Lord are radiant, giving light to the eyes".

3. "He guides me in the paths of righteousness for His names sake.
Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil, for you are with me".

4. "To you, O Lord, I lift up my soul;
In you I trust, O my God.
Do not let me be put to shame,
Nor let my enemies triumph over me".

5. "I will call upon the Lord,
Who is worthy to be praised:
So shall I be saved from mine enemies".

6. "Blessed is he whose transgressions are forgiven,
Whose sins are covered.
Blessed is the man
Whose sin the LORD does not count against him
And in whose spirit is no deceit".

7. "The law of the Lord is perfect,
Reviving the soul.
The statutes of the Lord are trustworthy,
Making wise the simple".

8. "Test me, O Lord, and try me,
Examine my heart and my mind;
For your love is ever before me,
and I walk continually in your truth".

9. "Therefore my heart is glad,
And my glory rejoiceth;
My flesh also shall dwell in safety".

-- ♥ Psalms for the Day , in Life. Blog

10. "For I know the thoughts that I think toward you,
Saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil,
To give you an expected end.
Then shall ye call upon me,
And ye shall go and pray unto me, and I will hearken unto you.
And ye shall seek me, and find me,
When ye shall search for me with all your heart."

-- Jer 29:11-13

The Mirror -- Salvation

The Mirror -- Salvation

Sit down...
Breathe in and relax...
Let the melody take over you.
Put the problems aside for just once

Drop whatever harms you
As I do not want you to be harmed in anyway
Not your heart, not your body or anything.

Confess yourself
He listens and you are not alone.
Value the simple things.
His love shall not fail nor dim...

Yet, little Angel, do not let yourself be underestimated
Do not allow be or feel unloved and unhappy
Keep being faithful to who you are no matter what
That essence, that inner You

Let it not be wasted.
Let it not be washed away.
He and I shall stand beside you
Here or somewhere else...

At long last,
Learn to forgive
Embrace the reflection in the mirror

As the girl or boy that reflects has beauty within
And bow down to what God has to offer to you
You will know you are not to be let down nor behind.

Note : You can read this note anytime,
Even everyday if you want so
Or whenever you need it.
Calm background music is a sugestion too.

Take best of care,



... Is not selfish
... Is not greedy
... is pure
... does not see ages
... does not see genders
... does not measure distances
... does not choose religions
... is not breakable
... is not blinded by wealth
... is not proud
... unquestionable, unconditional
... is a treasure to oneself and others
Love is... a gift, a cure and divinity itself

May this day give you what you deserve and dream of!
Many blessings.

I am...

I am...

... A leader, not a follower
... Christian, of nature and people, an eternal lover
... A daughter, a mother and grandmother to be
... A daughter of God and a worshipper
... A piece of your life and mine
... More than what many eyes can see
... A healer not a trouble maker
... Beginning my existence and my journey
... A teacher and a learner´
... Welcoming this Life to what She is up to offer to me.
... Stronger than what I can ever imagine
... Aiming for my dreams
... Daring for better days ahead of me.
... Beautiful and capable
... Fragile yet unbeatable.
... A bless to others, hopefully
... Unique!

I am... Life.

About Praying...

I am a Christian person,
Yet for me it is never enough to see or know
Other religions and traditions
...One thing to keep in mind is
Respecting others in order to be respected.
Therefore I shall respect yours (L)

As for praying...
Some use the Bible or Coran,
Some use a rosary or no symbols at all...
Others read or recite salms...
As for me I have this mini Bible in ways

I used to read the salms in silence...
I normally do not go to Church
Not only because I do not have much time
Plus Depression can drain your will and energies away.

I believe that forgiveness can be felt
I believe that if you learn to forgive
If you learn to let go of stress
And if you praise/balance your sleeping pattern
That it is or it will be good for your inner balance
You may not notice it right in the first time
BUT with time you shall see results.

It is not about carrying wealth
It is not about gold and money
It is about our actions, the love we give
Those eventually bring us closer to God
Or Gods in case you believe in more than one

Consider God as unconditional love
One that does not fail...
You can consider (as many consider) God to be like a father.
A heavenly Father.

People often do consider other persons,
Such as fellow Christians (or Islamic, Jews, etc...)
As brothers and/or sisters.
I consider my relationship with God more as a close friend
Who knows my problems, my secrets and my sins
Who can see and hear me
Who I can talk with and leave my secrets with
In the quiet nights.

This is what I believe in
In which you have the option of agreeing
Or disagreeing. It is your option.

Kind regards,

Relaxing Music IV

I loved this one...

Relaxing Music III

Relaxing Music II

Relaxing Music I

Inspiring Song IV

I found this song a bit inspiring
Even though it is not the music genre I listen at all.
It is like a church chorus.
Take care and enjoy...

Meditation - Introduction, Song and Guides

Introduction and Guides to Meditation...
These are in Portuguese only...

Here is a rather pleasing song...

And here is one guide in English...

terça-feira, 10 de maio de 2011

Relationships - Moving On

There comes a time when loving isn't enough alone
Argues occur...diferences become overwhelming
Too much to handle...and it comes to an End.

That end is really hard to handle
At least for me. I can't lie,
I got involved in the promises
I thought he was the one....
I got attached and fell in love with that boy.
For two years...

No matter if the words were truth or lies
No matter if the vows and promises
Weren't meant to last forever.
Mine were... Grieve struck me.

I realize that crying won't make him come back
Or turn back on his decision.
I learned that in Life, nothing is certain
I am hurt, I recognize and shown my pain in so many ways
In both positive and negative ways...
I can't say I'm fully recovered

As I must face it...he has a place in my heart
Regardless of what happened between us
Regardless of the distance in between
Regardless of the countless argues.

But I just can't...
I must let go
Because holding tight to your memory
Hearing songs and seing your pictures
Will only make my feelings of sadness and misery worse.
Would be triggers... AND I can't...

I cannot bow and let myself get this affected
I cannot allow to get hurt this way and deeply
I must shield myself...and start moving on

And songs like this...
Help me along the way.
Therefore I'm leaving these videos
For you to take a listen.
I hope it can be as helpful as it was for me.

God bless...and take care...

SI Awareness - TWLOHA

(The music , however, says it all

"You're not alone,
There is more to this I know
...You will live to tell"

And these songs below, bring me inner peace :)

From Life.

segunda-feira, 9 de maio de 2011

A Closer look at ED's - ANA and MIA

I reflected a bit about this subject
And I thought carefully before posting anything
Again, all the content belongs to their rightful owners

Videos :

*Trigger warning*
Due to the images you are likely about to see.
Why did I posted here?
As I stated above and much across the blog
Awareness purposes ONLY.

+ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOyqpKXJBXw

+ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWPJlVPqAFc
(One of the hardest clips I saw)

++ http://www.youtube.com/user/annehn#p/u/3/8NNy_1tTCOY
(PART 1)

++ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uVcShgy-9OI
(PART 2)

+ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVT_XEc3_y4

+ http://www.youtube.com/user/WhyNotStopSuffering
(A Channel which purpose is RECOVERY)

+ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HAaF2bfXsxs
(I saw this video today...has some lessons in it)

++ http://goodbyed.tumblr.com/
(I checked out this blog a bit
and I found it interesting)

NOTE! : There is nothing beautiful nor glamorous in this
It can all start with a diet or with some pills
And it can all slip away and get out of hand.
I am sure that many girls are struggling with this
Others are recovering.

OR even considering.
That is why the sharing on the videos too...
I shall write more about this, certainly.

domingo, 1 de maio de 2011

Depression - A Closer Look at....

Depression isn't always seen as a serious mental illness,
That's what it makes it so dangerous.
But it has some signs
Which people could pay attention to, such as :

- Withdrawal, isolation from others,
- Loss of Interest in activities previously enjoyed,
- Loss or Weight gain
- Self Harm

Pay attention to any case of
- Loss of loved ones / Breakup
- Eating Disorders
- Bullying, violence
- Self Harm (besides cutting, others too)
- Changes in personality, grades,
Relationships or atitude towards others.
- Certain expressions regarding death/disapearing, ect.
- Diferent patterns of sleeping
(less OR more sleeping than usual, insomnia)
- Suicide attempts OR letters

I believe I already wrote some articles and texts regarding so
Yet, it is not too much to talk about it.
How do I know? I have depression myself.
Depression IS way MORE than being sad.
It is NOT being dramatic. It is NOT being sad 24/7 on purpose.

I was a happy person in the past.
That is a fact.

This can happen to anyone even to someone who you can least expect
Not only the person with a diferent style
OR the person almost without friends.
Even the person who seemed...happy or funny
Some can even be suffering in silence.

Who knows? Maybe the popular person, crowded with friends...
AND some only gather all the pieces of the puzzle
When it's too late. It can affect ANYONE
Regardless of beauty, gender, country.

Since 2008 it was given to me this warning.
I studied about this and got informed
And after those situations...
Did I became one of them? NO! it isn't always the way.
I gained the capacity to understand MORE others
To be TOLERANT. I used so, to HELP other people.

NOTE : Some cases or signs can go on unnoticed
That is why I'm writing this.
It is never too much.
School years CAN be tough.

That's why the support
and awareness on family members is NECESSARY.
And I made it through it with barely having support.
Believe me, IT IS less painful
IF that caring atitude and support exists!

So, if people start thinking a bit more about others
IF people start being more receptive to diferences
IT can definately MAKE A DIFERENCE (L)

And believe me :
There aren't just statistics although
numbers speak for themselves in a worldwide scale.
Many deaths...those personal tragedies CAN be avoided.
It starts in you, me, in each one of US. (L)

Many blessings,

Life Blog supports... Causes and People !