sábado, 30 de abril de 2011

Social - Near ANA.

After some time of reflection.
I decided to post this...
I never was too self concious on my weight
Maybe when I was around 14 and under, I was 67kgs
Which was a bit more and above than my healthy weight

Some people would laugh and joke about it
Those which I will not refer.
Not that I have or gained any respect for them
But it just isn't that relevant.

The messages I want to get across today are two, maybe even three.
So here goes...that just pushed me over the edge.
The taunting, the aparently "inocent" name calling
Regarding my body or certain aspects
In my physical were made fun of.
I'll name one which is probably some girl's and boy's problems...
In the gain and loss of weight,
I started to have stretch marks...until this very day.

BUT I know it is treatable,
And absolutely no one has the right
To throw sticks and stones

Just because of that
or just because someone has a bit more weight

*So open your eyes, whoever is reading*
Having a bit more weight doesn't make you that much diferent
We all think, we FEEL, we make options, have opinions
Doesn't matter if you're thin, chubby
If your skin colour is diferent or anything else.
We're all equal. (L)

So please think twice before throwing the sticks and stones.
Put yourselves in their shoes.
It can hurt... maybe more than you think.
And it has sometimes, SERIOUS consequences.

As for me and what happened
I became sick so I lost several weight until around 51kgs.
Note : Sickness can have much of a effect on weight.
And currently I weight 44kgs. That's where the near ANA goes.
Because according to my height
41kgs IS considered SKINNY...
I'm a bit below my healthy weight now...
I started feeling cold, a bit weaker than usual
Besides the fact that my clothes became baggy now...

I sincerely don't like it...
And I'll tell you why...
Because it really can get out of hand
Sometimes, it really does...

So, dear reader or if you are reading me
Do PLEASE get your weight checked by a professional

-- If it is stable, it is time for changing and embracing yourself
It starts in the mirror.
It starts in the INNER YOU. (L)
You don't need to lose weight
If the pointer or exams say otherwise.

-- If it is below, same steps above
Except you need to gain a bit of weight
I know it's tricky, maybe even painful
If it became an obcession
But that's when the family and friends come up
OR even professionals if needed.

Reminder : You're beautiful and you can do it (L)
Nevermind what others tell of if it's bad
There is nothing wrong and
You WILL recover your balance soon (L)

-- If it is above...
If you need to be treated or have a diet
You don't have to feel ashamed or bad
People will be there for you and supporting you
I will! Even if you can't see. (L)
Even if you don't know me.
I am here . God bless!

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