sábado, 30 de abril de 2011

Social - My views on ANA and OTHERS

I'm going to be straight honest
There is a lot of pressure from media
For a supposed perfection.
Many girls and maybe boys aim for the "perfect bodies"
Does such exist?

In what people call media, skinny is called beautiful
And rarely you see people with those extra pounds
Now (and fortunately!) there are plus size models too
And let me tell you :
They are drop dead gorgeous as well!

I am aware that some of the "perfection"
Is modified digitally
And so the illusion gets fed
And the wrong message goes across.
So, allow me to tell you that NO ONE is perfect.
People tend to see or point out flaws.

Does it make you feel diferent?
Let it NOT affect you.
Let it NOT disturb your peace of mind.
Let it NOT bring you down or shake your strength!
You are worth a lot! AND if someone tells you you're not,

You are worth a lot and so much more! (L)

...AND Those models?
Maybe they are insecure about something too
Who knows?

Think (and please) do not hate your bodies.
See and treat it as your temple.
It is your own and in this life, the one you walk with
The outer shell you show to the world.
Given since birth and by some believers, created by God
It deserves to be cherished.
It deserves self respect and dignity.
It is yours to keep and yours to take care of. (L)

NOTE : I will open another secction on the Music page.
It is where the messages get across...

From someone who is trying to find her path,

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  1. Concordo tanto. Tendo sofrido de anorexia tenho muito a dizer sobre isso. É incrivel o poder de uma capa de revista hoje em dia, em que 99% das fotos sao manipuladas por photoshop. e ainda nos deixamos enganar...
    Um grande beijo amiga,


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