sábado, 30 de abril de 2011

Depression and Meds

Another point of view.
In my opinion I do not aprove meds much
Usually the organism gets used to the doses.
For some it does work well AND it might be necessary,
On this i'm speaking about...Antidepressants.

I had contact and took for some weeks one called Prozac
Called Fluoxetine over here in PT.
I experienced some side effects such as weight loss,
dry mouth and several headaches.

Some might not agree on this article
But I, speaking as a person who is struggling with depression
Since 2007/2008... I'ld rather go for more natural
Or possible healthier ways of treatment.

p.s.: I'm not rejecting all meds or Prozac in particular
I'm just giving my own opinion.
Yet, do take care of yourself and check which is the best way for you
As some meds can be effective for x and not for y...
Or even harmful for z.

I'm writting as someone who cares for others
And too, wants to take care of herself.
I hope you find your path soon ;
Some lights are around the blog

AND Remember :

Stay strong ! :)
Many blessings,


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