quarta-feira, 2 de fevereiro de 2011


Well, news flash!
A friend has invited me
Ummm...Next year I suppose
To join her on a interrail
OMG! It would be sooooooooo cool!
*Dreamy mood*

Anyways, I've considered

Some websites on interrails :

+ Juventude.pt
(I didn't find much on this website...)

+ CP -- Interrails - Info

AND more info on stuff of CP Interrails
More like ... what to bring along and such.
Which is ALWAYS useful and welcome.

+ CP -- Interrails - What to take

+ Another Interrail website

...I find them rather interesting
But I don't think I am ready for any adventure for now
Maybe next year (2012 owwhh).
This year I am focusing on my job then
If I do save money and have conditions for it
I'm going to nl. Probably Amsterdam.

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